Austin Mahone Imagine~Long

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*I wrote this so if you steal it, give me credit please!*

Today has been the worst day for you, nothing has gone right. Austin had to stay at work late in the studio, you've been home alone with a migraine alone, and today has just been a very bad day. Once you thought your night couldn't of got any worse, you were proved wrong.

You've suffered from severe nightmares ever since you're brother had died, with you being at age 5. You've been taking medicine for years and years which has stopped them for the past 6 years. The last nightmare you had was at age 12. Lately you'd been having mild ones, not as bad as the ones from when you weren't on medication, and Austin has no idea about any of it. You didn't plan on telling him, but one night the truth came out.

The same night of your bad day, you knew Austin  wouldn't be home until wee hours, so you decided to just go to bed. It was 3 am and Austin  was home, lying in bed asleep next to you. You were having one of the worst nightmares you ever suffered from, as you started to scream and shake your head and squirm around in the bed. Austin woke up in complete shock and worry, as he was slightly petrified. He jumped on top of you and started to shake you."Y/N WAKE UP!" he screamed. "Y/N WAKE UP, COME ON WAKE UP!" he shouted. But you didn't, so he started shaking you harder with more force. "Y/N PLEASE PRINCESS WAKE UP PLEASE!" he choked out trying not to let a tear out. You finally woke up and shot straight up and accidentally head butted Austin right smack in the face.

"Jesus Christ" he muttered under his breath. You started hyperventalating and began crying hard, as he wrapped you in his arms tightly. "Hey baby girl it's going to be okay it's just a bad dream" he cooed softly trying to comfort you. "Shhh it's alright" he whispered softly as you whimpered, he stroked your hair and rocked you back an forth in his arms. "No, you don't understand Austin!" you choked out in the middle of crying. "What do you mean princess?" he questioned you, confused. "I've suffered from nightmares ever since my brother died and I haven't had a nightmare since 6 years ago and I started having them lately and I don't know what to do!" you cried. "You're going to be okay sweetheart, really, you are. You wanna know how I know that? I'd never let anything hurt you, not even nightmares ok? I mean we definitely need to get you some help with doctors for this, but still. I promise. Okay?" he said, as he pinky promised you. "Okay" you replied, feeling safe and secure in his arms while he wiped your tears off your face. "I love you Y/N, don't ever forget that okay? I'll always be by your side." he said, reassuringly. "I love you too" you whispered and smiled.

You both lay back down on your guys's bed, and try to go back to sleep. He pulled the covers over the both of you, as he slowly pulled you close to him. He wrapped his arms tightly around you as you cuddled up close to his warm body, and rested your head in the crook of his neck. He sang quietly in your ear and finally you fell asleep peacefully in his arms, as he did in yours.

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