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Disclaimer- I didn't come up with any of the characters mentioned, unless I say otherwise at the start or end of a chapter where an OC is introduced. All the characters and places belong to J.K Rowling, and I am simply borrowing them and using them in a way that she didn't, in the hopes that some people might like this way too


It was 11:30 on Tuesday night, and the Marauders were getting ready to go to the future. They had all agreed that Remus should be the one to preform the spell, since he was less likely to mess it up.

"Okay guys, when we get there, we have to be very careful not to tell anyone who we really are. Now, Padfoot, what do you want your fake name to be and what do you want to look like?"

Remus had come up with the brilliant idea of changing their names and appearance so they wouldn't be recoginsed and no one would freak out.

"I wanna be called Joe Beacon... and I want... blond hair and blue eyes."

"Okay, Prongs?"

"Alex Hunter, and I want light brown hair and green eyes"

"What do you want Wormy?"

"Logan... Griffen... and red hair and blue eyes" he answered. Remus thought all these were rather good. He would also be preforming the spell to make them look like this.

"And I will be called Peirce Reid. I will have black hair, with dark grey eyes. Okay, so that's all sorted. When we get there, we tell the headmaster, whoever it is, that we are new students and that we all used to be home schooled. We have 5 minutes to go, do you all have everything?" He wanted to make sure everything went right so they wouldn't have to keep coming back.

"Yeah, we have everything Moony, and we have to say the spell in the next 2 minutes, so stop worrying already" Sirius was watching the clock intently, waiting for it to chime twelve. This is going to be awesome! He thought. Then he heard Remus start counting down.

"10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...Futurum!" Remus said the spell, and they disappeared, spinning, into the future.


A/N I made a few changes in this chapter as well.

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