Chappie 7: a deal with an ugly devil

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Zoë's pov:

"Auurghhhh" i yawn. I sniff the air a bit trying to find out what that glorious scent was until......... "NUTELLA SUGAR PANCAKES!!!!!!" I screamed when i finally picked up the scent. I was just about to run out the door when i realized I'm in my damn under garment's. I then flick my wrist up causing myself to be insta-dressed in black leggings, a black flowing singlet that has a moon on it, a checkered loose jacket and a pair of silver-black doc martins. I ran out the door and jumped down all the stairs, skipping some steps, and ran straight to the dining room. As soon as i sit the pancakes were placed onto each and every seat, as soon as i was served i looked up to see everyone was already eating their hearts out.

*Time skip*

Percy's POV:

We all put on our hooded cloaks and exited the cabin, walking to the camps arena/colesseum. As soon as i turn the corner........ BANG; I run straight into a annabeth who drops a bunch of daggers. "I'm so very sorry, i should've seen where i was going. Your Omega, right? Oh wait jeez sorry, let me introduce myself I am Annabeth Chase of the Athena cabin, nice to meet you" annabeth quickly blabs out. "Uhhhhhh, sorry 'bout that. Nice to meet you ms. Chase" i reply, a bottomless pit of misery forming within me. "Well I shall be on my way, good day to you ms. chase" I say refraining myself from flipping her off. I turn around and start walking the team behind me when suddenly "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOUR GOING? THE WELCOME BACK PARTY ONLY JUST STARTED!!!!" Screamed a voice behind me and the crew......... It was him.......... And he.....he knows too, of who i am' i think, panic rising within myself. I turn, get through the crowd of the crew and stare him straight through the eyes and say "What", "no need to be so harsh and cold 'my friend'" he says, slurring the 'my friend' whilst he has a disgusting smirk growing on his face. He than laughed (suprisingly like a normal person would and not his oh so maniac personality would) and shouted catching everyone in the arena, which included jason, piper, leo, annabeth, frank, hazel, and a few of my other frenemies, "I WANT TO HAVE A DUEL WITH YOU! IF I WIN YOU SHOW YOURSELF TO THE CAMP AND GODS, IF I LOSE....... YOU DO WHATEVER YOU WANT WITH ME OTHER THAN THE FOLLOWING!!!!!!:
"FINE! DUEL ACCEPTED!! THOUGH...... IT'S YOUR LOSS!" I reply with a mishevious smirk. I turn and walk away after seeing jack-asses smirking face that screamed murder..... To my eyes. I just made a deal with that ugly devil.

******Sorry if it's short and not so good, i published this at about 2 am and so I'm tired and shit, thanks for readin' and stay fab bro's!! 'Brofist's phone'******

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