Why? *Chandler Riggs love story*

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Chapter 1 <3

I wake up to the smell of pancakes, why cant he make good food? I pull myself together. I grab a robe and trugde out into the tight hallway. Why cant we have a nice house? Im Emily Reedus, 13, red hair, why cant my hair be a pretty color? When i get to the kitchen to see a sight I never want to see EVER again! MY dad's girlfriend, Trisha.

"Dad, Why is she here? I thought you said it would just be me you and mingus." Yes my dad is the Norman Reedus.

"She came to make you breakfast, chocolate chip pancakes." NO! no way will I eat those chocolate chip pancakes!

"Im not hungry." I said plainly as she gave an evil smirk. My dad pulled me away from the table, leaving her and mingus to eat alone.

"What are you doing?" He whispered harshly. "You have to eat something, Emily I know it makes you feel... You know, but its bad for you." No no no he is turning into her.

"I dont want to!" Thats all I could get out before I started running out the front door, all the way down the street. I ran till I couldnt hear my dad yelling after me. I ran for what felt like hours (more like ten minutes) I ran untill I ran into someone, nocking me and them over, me ontop of them.

"Oh my god Im sooo sorry." I pulled myself off of them, putting my hand out to help them up. They took my hand and I struggled to help them but they werent that heavy, Im the heavy one. You see Im Anorexic, I was diagnosed about a year ago.

Their words pulled me out of thought. "Hey you ok? you took quite the fall."

"It was you who caught me." I looked up to the most beautiful face ever!

"Im Chandler, and im ok, im just worried about you, Flash." He smiled an adorable, award winning smile. I giggled.

"Im not Flash Im Emily." Im making a fool of myself.

"Well Emily, You better slooooooow down, you in a hurry?" so many questions!

"Yeah...I mean No... um....kinda."

"Ok? Well, Im just on my way to Normans, and I better get there or him and Trisha will murder me, so I better run."



"He's my dad." I looked down ashamed to even know that monster.

"Um you dont look like Mingus..."

"Ha no Im his daughter! He doesnt let me meet his... friends."

"Oh Im only 13 we arent 'friends' just work buddies."


"Uh yeah Im on the walking dead... Carl Grimes." OH MY GOD! HE IS CHANDLER RIGGS!

"Oh yeah."

He walked me home. Hes funny, nice, adorable, and making me fall head over heels for him. We walked in the door and they hadnt finished eating. MY dad looked at me then Chandler then Me again.

"Emily why dont you sit and eat with us?" He knows exactly how to get me. He knows that I dont want to look like a freak in front of people.

"Gladly." I say through gritted teeth. I sit and start eating a pancake.

"Chandler, dear join us." Trisha tries to look like a good person.

"Oh thanks Id love to." I cant do this any more. But I have to. I eat two and a half pancakes, when I feel ashamed.

"Excuse me I have to use the bathroom." They all nod in agreement, except Dad. I walk away before he says anything. I slam the door behind me and grab my toothbrush. I shove it down my throat causing me to gag. I shove it farther, until I feel it come back up. My eyes squease shut and the tears roll out. I flush it all away, the regrets.

There's a knock at the door, great. I wipe my mouth and make sure I dont look like i did... it. I open the door a crack expecting to see my dad.

"Im sorry, Ok? I cant eat like that and I cant do this anymore, I thought you got this. Im in to far there's no going back, Im stuck." I whispered so Chandler and Trisha wouldnt hear. Norman never told them. I look up at a very suprised Chandler.

"Oh my god, your not da- Norman..."

"Nope..." With that he shoved me back into the bathroom and shut the door, locking it.

"Ok, What was that about?" He looks into my eyes and I started to melt.

"Nothing, just something inbetween me and my dad..." My face was tomato.

"Emily... Thats a lie. What is it?"

"I-I um.... I... Have um... Anorexia Noversa." I started to cry, but this time not the tears that stung, the forced tears, this time it was sadness.

"Oh, What did you do?" He does care.

"I made myself throw up the pancakes..." Why am I telling him this?!

"You cant do that, Your strong you can make it through." The tears fall from my eyes. He puts his hand on my face and leans in, as do I. When we almost kissed my stupid dad knocks on the door.


AN: Thanks for reading, it means a lot! ~Emilyloveschandler

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