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eleutheromania- an instense and irrisistable desire for freedom


he just wanted to break free of the walls that kept him caged


he sat at his desk, scribbling randomly at a piece of paper.

his mom knocked at the door. "honey, we're going out," she said, his father behind her.

he nodded and they left. when he looked down, he saw that he had drawn himself with wings. god, he wanted to fly. he wanted to leave this old town and go somewhere where no one would boss him around and he could do whatever he dreamed, with no parents telling him to get his head out of the clouds. 

he pushed his chair back and spread his arms, imagining feathers growing from them.

he lowered them and sighed, sitting back in his boring chair in his boring room in a boring town in a boring state in a boring country.

he wanted to be free.

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