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      I sat next to Sarah at the table and pulled out my ham sandwich. I took a small bite, before nearly jumping out of my seat as a hand came down hard against the table. I glared at the person in charge of said hand. His cute dishelved, brown hair and bright eyes was enough to make any girl swoon, but I wasn't going to fall for his charms. 

"Hey there pretty lady." I looked into his eyes and pushed my glasses up further on my nose. 

"What do you want Tristen?" I questioned. He smiled at me and Sean and Jeremy took their seats beside him.

"You know what we want beautiful." Sean  stated smiling.

"And if you know what's good for ya, you'll leave me and my best friend alone." Sarah stood up and placed her hands on the table looking into Tristen's eyes. "That means you buddy." She tapped her nails on the table and he narrowed his eyes at her. He looked around her to me. 

"So what IS your name beautiful?" He asked smiling slyly. 

"Her name's Noami, and it's best if you get out of her face." Sarah shot in anger. I grabbed her arm and got her to sit.

"I'd appreciate it, if you all left." 

"Make us doll face." Jeremy stated. I stood up, lunch and backpack in hand and grabbed Sarah's arm.

"Let's go Sarah." I muttered walking away, while Sarah followed.

"Whoo! Yeah, walk away let us see that ass!" Sean whistled. I growled and dropped my bags as anger flowed through my body. I rushed forward, trying to slap him and was grabbed by the waist and pulled against the cafeteria wall. It took everything in me not to bite the person's arm and break Sean's windpipe. I calmed down and pushed my glasses up farther on my nose. The hands around my waist loosened and slipped from my waist. I turned back to look and saw Jason, Sean's younger brother. 

"I'd appreciate it, if you didn't hit my brother, I know he deserves it, but that's what I'm here for." He smiled shyly and I groaned in disgust and grabbed my bags off of the floor and walked away with Sarah, who stuck her middle finger up at them.

"Assholes..." Sarah muttered, taking a bite of her apple. I nodded and took a bite of my sandwich. Jason walked up to me and sat down beside me.

"I'm sorry about my brother, he's really just an asshole." I looked into his light brown eyes and smiled warmly. Jason was following in his brother's footsteps, but he had so much more potential than to be a player.

"I've got nothing to say to you Jason." I looked into his eyes and felt drawn to him, then realized he was just another player like the rest of them. I stood and angrily looked at Sean. "And thank YOU for ruining my lunch!... Asshole." I shook my head as the lunch bell ended, just wanting to make it to class on time. I went to my locker to get my history books and a pair of arms found themselves on either side of me. 

"Sean, quit it." I muttered loud enough for him to hear. 

"Relax cutie, I just want a date." I turned around and pushed on his chest. I walked away quickly and was slammed into Jeremy's chest.

"Hey there cutie, rooting for me?" He bent down so we were eye-to-eye and smiled at me, closing in for a kiss. I grunted in disgust and kicked him in his "family jewels". As he fell to the floor in pain, I smiled and met up with Sarah who was waiting for me by the classroom door. 

"Ready ButterBean?" I smiled. 

"Always ready Buttercup."  

We walked into the classroom together and Mrs. Heffington glared at us for disrupting her 'precious lesson'. No one ever paid attention to her lessons and I think that was the reason most people failed. I sat in the middle of the classroom, while Sarah sat in the back. I never sat in the front because the people up there were usually excited about this class and the people in the back were classified as the bad kids. It was like the three little bears, except baby bear was the middle desks. My mood instantly shifted from bad to worse when I noticed Sean and Jason walk in and plop themselves in desks not too far from mine. I looked back at Jason, who was writing on a piece of paper. Nothing sketchy. I looked over to Sean, who winked at me and smiled. Such a cocky asshole... I thought to myself. I froze a little when someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around slowly and was handed a piece of paper. I read it 

Do you want to go on a date with me, Saturday night? Check the spot next to your answer:

                                                                  yes :DD

                                                                   no :'(

                                                                   maybe? ;)


Frankly, I had no idea why there were little smily faces, especially the winky one. But I checked no and sent it back to Jason. He frowned and wrote on the paper more and then handed it back to me.

 But why?!?!? :'( It's not like I'm trying to get in your pants, I just want one simple date. It's not like you don't know me! :'( Pwes??

I sighed, he was right, I DID know him, I had tutored him dozens of times. And it STILL didn't do him any good and I definitely did not want to go out with someone I tutored. That was just wrong to me. Thankfully, the bell rang. I sprang out of my seat as Mrs. Heffington tried to get out her last bit of information. By then, I was headed to the library. I loved books, they were soo fascinating and I enjoyed them so much. Jason followed me and grabbed my arm. 

"Just one date, please?!?" I groaned.

"Fine! One date, now will you let me get to my reading!?" He smiled like a kid who just won the lottery and kissed my cheek before walking away. I rolled my eyes and walked outside and through my moss curtains, to my sanctuary. The place only I knew. I had protected it well, if I do say so myself. The sound of the leaves crunching under my feet just intensified the happiness this place brought me. I sat down on the marble bench. This was the only place that was somewhat quiet and peaceful. The sound of the birds' chirping and the leaves rustling in the trees and bushes were the only sounds. As I opened my book, and turned to Chapter 54, I heard a voice.

"Noami, right?" I spun around in the direction and saw Sean.

 Great... Just great...

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