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@EverythingTogether ~ for being the best peepz in the world

@zztop26 ~ Just soo supportive and nice to me, I appreciate it, it really does help me.

@FinnIsAwesome ~ You are crazy my fluffy bunny! You help me soo much, you helped me with my first book, my first trailer, my first book cover.. <3

@TrinityAshlee ~ Your my crazy BFF! You help me to take a break away from my hectic schedule and take a break. Ah... Good times...

@JayyOnTheDanceFloor ~ I don't care if you changed your name XD You are hilarious chicka! I love spending time with you and you inspire me to keep trying and never ever ever give up.

And last but certaintly not least, I owe the most to my parents and Above all GOD <3

These are just a few people I owe Sooo much too! Thank you guys!

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