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a/n: I hope you guys know all the Harry Potter terms and stuff (and if you don't, then just comment I'm totally happy to refresh your memories/help ya out!)


"They're just downright disgusting."

Casting a wary glance over at the Slytherin table, I nodded at Ashton's words. "What happened today?" I asked quietly, cutting the food on my plate.

"They were picking on Wendy again," he muttered, bringing the steel cup of pumpkin juice to his mouth.

I rolled my eyes, and my friend Victoria piped up from beside me. "You'd think being a 6th year student would mean being more mature. But no, obviously not for them," she huffed, her dark and furiously curly hair bouncing as she moved her head vigorously with her words. "Did you say something to them, Ash?"

"Of course I did!" Ashton defended. "My mum's a Muggle. I can't let them go around insulting muggle born students in front of me... It would be disrespectful. In my opinion, anyways."

I smiled at Ashton across the table. He was always standing up for the younger kids, especially when they got picked on by the elitist Slytherins. Maybe it was because he was always the oldest in most social situations he got himself into. "Who started it?" I asked for the sake of keeping the conversation going, since I was sure I knew the answer already.

"Nicole." Ashton shrugged. I was right. "Isn't it always her anyways? Then the others join in, and it's- Agh, it's a huge mess."

"Seriously, I can't believe they still pick on people because of their blood status," Victoria muttered, glaring at them. "There are so many other reasons to pick on people. Well, you shouldn't pick on people in the first place, but if you really want to, there are better reasons."

I nodded, agreeing with her. "It's disgusting," Ashton repeated with a nod. "I hope someone teaches them a lesson they will remember, one day."

I watched the six of them from across the Great Hall in silence, taking in my friends' words. Generally, I didn't have much of an issue with Slytherins. Hell, I didn't have much of an issue with anyone, really. These particular Slytherins, however... They were the elite, pure-blood Slytherins who would never even look at anyone who wasn't like them. They had taken it upon them to call out and humiliate anyone who came from anything other than a long line of witches and wizards. It seemed to amuse them, which was something I would never understand. How can bringing someone down amuse anyone? But then again, maybe that was why I wasn't a Slytherin.

Once we had all finished dinner, we still had about an hour before we had to retreat to our Common Rooms for the night. Ashton, Victoria, our friend Kimiko, and I decided to make our way down to the Great Lake. It was our favourite place to sit and talk, and we were making the most of it before it got too cold to sit close to the water. It was peaceful at this time of evening, with the colours of the sunset reflecting onto the surface of the still water.

"So," Kimiko started, plopping down on the grass first, her black robe pooling around her. "I guess this is it."

I furrowed my eyebrows, sitting down beside her. "What do you mean?"

She shrugged, loosening her yellow and black tie. "This is mine and Ashton's last year. This is the last time it's gonna be the four of us starting school together, watching all the kids get sorted..."

"Miko, you've been mentioning this consistently since school started," Ashton pointed out, rolling his eyes as he sat down beside Victoria. "It's been two weeks."

"I'm sad, alright!" she defended, crossing her arms and pouting cutely, causing all of us to laugh. Upon hearing our laughter, her pout dissolved and she beamed, pushing her dark brown bangs away from her face. "I guess I should stop mentioning it so much. I'll miss you guys, though."

"It's not like we're never gonna see each other again." I smiled as I nudged my knee against hers. "Plus, we have this whole year. By the end of it, we're going to be tired of seeing each other every day, as always."

Kimiko smiled as Victoria decided to change the subject - and rightfully so. She would have gone on for ages, lamenting about how she would miss us and all the things we did. We didn't really do much, honestly, but she had a flair for the dramatic. We all knew that.

As I listened to Victoria and Ashton talk about something in the Muggle world, I smiled softly. These were my friends, and Kimiko was right. I was going to miss them. But I still had 9 months of seeing them daily, and to say I was excited about it would be an understatement.

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