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Pen Your Pride

Killer mansion ( Creepypasta story )

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Today was another day, Aiko sitting all alone in her apartment playing video games when an unexpected thing came up. While on facebook her mother kept on sending her messages to turn off the T.V. and to call her. But, the weird thing was... her mother had died two years ago by a serial killer.

Aiko: what the?

then she realized something, was it Ben? For you see Aiko is a lover of the creepypastas and remembers the little man even if it was some time ago that she read his story.

Aiko: Ben? okay stop messing around I know you're there now come out, i have some Doritos for you.

She held out her Doritos chip bag out towards the computer then weird messages stopped after she said that.

~Later that day~

As Aiko was about to fall asleep when she heard someone hit their hip against the couch's edge moaning a little bit. Aiko chuckled because she knew if Ben was real, Then why not the other creepypastas. Aiko slowly walked out of her bedroom, and saw eyeless Jack cussing like a sailor and that he felt like he's been shot in the hip. So, as he was distracted Aiko walked quietly behind him then at the right moment---

Aiko: BOO!


Jack turned around in fright when he saw Aiko. Aiko had chuckled then took a step forward as Jack took a step back. As Jack was about to touch the window Aiko made a funny face and started laughing as Jack fell out the window.

Aiko: well then that was eventful.(she yells out the window) GOOD NIGHT JACK

Aiko then fell alseep smiling for what was soon to be a fun event.

( picture of Aiko is the multimedia pic)

~~~ Hope you enjoyed ^_^. i know this chapter may not be the best thing in the world but i promise you that the story will get better~~~~~

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