Part 5

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"Hey Dude." Stiles let himself into Derek's apartment, threw his jacket on the back on the chair and headed straight for the kitchen, afternoon snack. "So I had my first class for journalism for the year. I have Professor Davidson again. The man was bad enough last year but he seems to get more boring the harder the stuff he is teaching gets I am going to bash my head aga-" Stiles was pulled back from the fridge suddenly and Derek was sniffing him. "What? Derek? What's wrong?"

"You smell wrong."

"Wrong?" Stiles was freaked now, wrong could mean any number of things.

"You reek of that boy."


"That boy you are living with. You smell of him, why?" Derek was growling now, right next to Stiles' ear which was exactly what Stiles did not need. Moving out here and having Derek as his constant companion had not helped Stiles in any way. Maybe if Derek hadn't come to finish his degree, or maybe if he wasn't so insistent that they remain close. If Stiles were honest with himself he was so in love with Derek by this point nothing could change how he felt. He mum used to say Stilinski men loved once and loved hard. She used to tell him sometimes when he would wrap his body around her and tell her how much he loved her that he was just like his daddy, when he met her he proposed and just kept asking until she had said yes. It took three weeks.

"I had to borrow his soap; he used mine for something in chemistry. He is such an arsehole." Stiles thought Derek would move away after that but he didn't.

"I do not like this smell. Go have a shower." Derek growled.


Derek stepped back. "I have a very sensitive nose."

"Oh," Stiles slapped his palm into his face. "Course. I'll come back later."

"No!" Derek wasn't looking at him anymore but his hands were clenched.

"Dude, okay. Sorry. Shit I didn't know. I'll just shower here. Sorry." Stiles scurried from the room eager to get rid of the smell that was pissing the wolf off so much idly wondering which of the scents used in the soap was the problem so he could avoid it next time. He didn't normally use body wash just soap so maybe it was just the liquid soap.

Stiles stripped and looked at his clothes, they would smell too; he threw them in the washing machine just outside the door glad Derek didn't catch his naked dash, he didn't want to get any more of the scent on anything of Derek's. He dashed back into the bathroom and ducked into the hot shower. He stood under the spray for a long time, before he grabbed Derek's soap and lathered himself from head to toe figuring that the wolf's soap would not bother him. He lathered and washed three times until his body was red and pruny before he got out of the shower. He pulled one of Derek's towels around his body, he hadn't thought to bring one of his own but it looked fairly clean and he could wash it.

When he was dry and wrapped in Derek's towel he realised he was not prepared to actually leave the bathroom. He had no clothes, he'd taken all of his clothes home over the summer and hadn't bought anything new back yet. If he left the room in nothing but a towel he would be unable to hide his reaction to Derek. Crap, why did he keep putting himself in situations where he was likely to make a complete and utter fool of himself.

He walked out of the bathroom wishing he was buffer, wishing he had some muscles. Just once he would have liked to have stood next to Derek and not felt so damned scrawny. He didn't feel scrawny normally, years of werewolf training, had given him tone, but he never filled out. Not that he minded, okay not that he minded except when Derek saw him shirtless.

Derek was in the kitchen cooking something when Stiles walked in. "Derek? I'm washing my clothes but umm, can I borrow something to wear?"

Derek turned the heat down on what he was cooking and came over to Stiles and sniffed at him, after walking around Stiles twice and sniffing him repeatedly while Stiles recited all the elements he could remember Derek seemed to purr. It was the only thing Stiles could compare the noise the werewolf made to. Derek purred then moved away and walked into his bedroom. Stiles stayed at the door not sure if he could walk into a room with Derek's huge bed and not just crawl on, present himself to Derek and beg to be fucked.

Derek found some sweat pants and an old soft top and threw them at Stiles. "They should fit. Make sure you don't use his soap again."

"Nope, I'll buy a stockpile of soap and hide it under my bed."

"Why don't you just move in here already?"

The first time Derek asked that question was the first week of last year when Stiles had to explain to him why he smelt like he had participated in a three-way. Werewolf noses were too sensitive if they could pick the stench of sex from where you had accidently fallen on your roommate's bed after he has been getting frisky with his chastity club girlfriend. Everytime the same thought went through Stiles' head. Because if I lived here you'd find me crawling into your bed and attacking you one night because I really want you to fuck me. A lot, repeatedly, for days, until I cannot walk. Stiles never actually tells him that though just shrugs and mumbles something about the college experience. He is sick of living with James though. He stays up all night studying and he needs to click his pen 'to think properly man, just like calm down'. He always smokes pot in the room and it makes Stiles sneeze. He likes to use a really bad British accent when he's high. He never wears pants. He steals Stiles' stuff, never asks, never replaces. And now he had made his alpha have an allergic reaction to the smell of his body wash, fucking with him was one thing but making him smell hideous to werewolves was another. It's only been two weeks and Stiles is about to shoot his roommate in the head, or sic his werewolf on him.

The idea of living with Derek had always appealed to him. He had wanted to say yes and move in straight away every time he was asked; the only thing stopping him was the idea of having to spend the next three years hiding his reaction to Derek every moment of every day. He didn't know how he was going to resist making a fool of himself. However, the idea of living with James for a year was a fair worse fate than making a complete fool of himself by throwing himself at Derek.



"Yes, I'll move in here if you are serious."

"Good, we'll move you in tomorrow. You don't have classes and I only have a late one."

"Excellent." Derek grinned at him, flashing all his bright, white human teeth and making Stiles respond in kind. This would be okay, Stiles' had been hiding his attraction for three years he could keep doing it for another three.

Stiles moved into what would be his room and changed. This was going to be good.

Derek seemed to be in a great mood all day after Stiles washed James' soap smell off him and agreed to move in.

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