Part 1

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Stiles has always been silly smart. He has just never been able to focus. On the day he took his SATs he swallowed a handful of Adderall, was laser focussed for three hours then got home and passed out for sixteen. His dad hadn't noticed, he'd been at work, got home later and thought his son was simply asleep.

Derek called him the next morning, demanded his presence at his half-rebuilt house and hung up. Stiles had been an honorary part of the pack for over a year and had been helping Derek rebuild the house since he had become the alpha; when he decided that he had roots here now so he needed to have a house.

Getting a call demanding help was not unusual but usually Scott called before Derek to warn him, for some reason Stiles was always the last person called – Lydia, who refused to do any heavy lifting and just tried to tell others what to do, was called before him. At least Stiles was helpful, he hoped.

Stiles groaned, even after all that sleep he still felt a little groggy, could have probably use another couple hours sleep to get the rest of the medication out of his system but if he wasn't at Derek's place within the hour Derek would make him do something unpleasant, his threats of bodily torture were no longer believable – he never followed through after all but that older man was inventive when it came to punishments.

Stiles dragged himself from bed, stumbled into the tepid shower and wrapped his hand around his cock getting some of the need out of his body before he had to spend the rest of the day seeing Derek building, flexing and sweating shirtless. This orgasm wouldn't prevent him from spending the entire day semi-hard, but it would save him from spending the whole day so fucking horny he would have to run home, when he went to collect lunches, to jerk off quickly so he could go back again. Only took two days working on the house for Stiles to devise this method.

Scott always smirked at him when he arrived knowing why his friend smelt of release, Jackson said nothing, hopefully assuming he was just a teenager who was permanently horny, Lydia only made fun of him once before Derek growled out the order that sex lives were not to be discussed; they all needed some privacy. Every time Stiles arrived he was met with a growl from Derek and he still expected the growl to turn into something more when the alpha finally worked out who Stiles was thinking about when he came all over himself in the shower.

It took Stiles twenty-five minutes to drive to Derek's house and ten minutes to stop in and get the doughnuts which were his responsibility in the morning. He arrived with ten minutes to spare but saw no other cars in front of the house.

Stiles got out of the jeep and walked inside, the downstairs of the house was complete, the second storey was still basically a skeleton but soon they would be able to start adding walls and then the roof. Lydia had already declared herself decorator but Stiles had a feeling she would not be getting her way with the inside; Derek obviously had very precise taste.

Stiles had just put the doughnuts down when he was pushed against the wall, Derek invading his space to sniff at him, along his neck, behind his ear. Stiles moved his head, baring his neck knowing what the action meant, could mean if only he was being manhandled for another reason. If Derek ever wanted that Stiles would repeat the action just as quickly.

"If you ever do that again Stiles I will sting you up and beat you." Derek growled into his neck.

Stiles tried not to find the idea of being tied up and spanked so alluring, but he was a kinky bastard and anything Derek could want to do to him he would try.

"I'm sorry, I didn't think you'd ever find out. I have to do it. But I promise to think about something else next time." Stiles stuttered trying to ignore the blood flowing down.

"You do not have to do it Stiles, it's dangerous."

"It was only dangerous if you found out. Who told you? Scott?" Stiles started mentally cursing his best friend for ratting him out.

"Scott let you do it? How the hell could he not stop you?"

"He couldn't stop me, he said it was a bad idea but I can't believe he told you."

"Who knows what could happen to you if you do it that much." Derek sounded concerned.

"I only do it a couple times a day, Okay so it's every day and the days I'm here more but I am a teenager so it's probably fairly normal."

"Putting something like that in your body is not normal Stiles." Derek accompanied this growl with his death glare.

"What? Putting? Loads of people do it."

"A handful is too much Stiles."

"Not a handful just a couple fingers." Stiles could feel the heated flush sweeping over his skin.

"What?" Derek scrunched his eyebrows and glared.

"What? Lots of people do it."

"What the hell? Are you drinking as well as overdosing on that fucking shit Stiles?"

"What?" Stiles face scrunched up in confusion.

"How the hell could you take that much Adderall? You overdosed Stiles." Derek's voice just dropped into a true growl, low, dangerous and animalistic. Stiles could feel it right down to his cock.

Stiles took a moment to think about what was said. Derek was not talking about the fact Stiles jacked off routinely to thoughts of the alpha wolf, that the black haired man was the main source of fantasy...that was a lie; he was all Stiles thought about when he had a hand wrapped around his cock or fingers inside himself wishing it was Derek. Stiles shook himself, Derek was talking about the Adderall, why was he talking about the drug?

"Are you talking about yesterday, with the SATs? Because it was totally under control."

"How is that under control?"

"Just enough to ensure focus for the length of the test I think I aced it too."

"By seriously overdosing on drugs?"

"Not seriously, and it's not like its fucking crack or something just some Adderall."

"Which is basically speed Stiles."

"I had to do well Derek. I cannot concentrate for three hours intensely like that and I had to do well for my dad, for me. I wanted to make him proud dude."

Derek scrubbed his hand over his face. "Stiles, you just can't do that it's dangerous."


"I forbid you from abusing the Adderall again like that Stiles, take it only as directed do you understand?"

"You cannot order me around. I am not a werewolf. Hell I'm not even pack. Not really."

Derek slapped Stiles upside the back of the head. "Are you honestly that stupid?"


"You are part of the pack Stiles, you are annoying but you are a member of this pack, you don't want to be a werewolf, and that's fine, but that doesn't change the fact you are still a member."


"Yes, now if I find out you have abused again I will rip your throat out understood."

"Okay Derek." Stiles said insanely happy. "Is anyone else coming?" Stiles asked as Derek opened the doughnut box.

"No, why?"

"Thought we were working on the house, thank God we aren't I am tired. Fucking exhausted."

"Mattress is still in the ... can't remember what Lydia calls it. Was the play room."

"You rock so hard you are almost sedimentary Derek." Stiles grinned at him and bounded away to collapse on the mattress Derek kept in case any of the pack needed to crash; Stiles could not work out how it always smelt like Derek never any of the other wolves.

Derek inhaled a couple doughnuts. He was annoyed at Stiles, but he was not furious like he had been last night when he had popped in to see Stiles and realised that the boy reeked of the drug and was in an unnatural sleep. He had perched on the windowsill for hours to make sure he was okay. Halfway through the third doughnut the conversation caught up with him.

"What the hell did Stiles think I was talking about?"

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