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Pen Your Pride

Memory Lane

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Starfire laid on the floor, her left cheek stung. A slightly pink handprint was marked there, for Slade wasn't the nicest master of all. Starfire shot her starbeams at him, but he bounced off of the ground and bounded off the wall behind her too fast for her to react. He pushed her hard onto the ground. She fell to her knees in pain. Slade walked over and kicked her in the leg. She looked up. He had no right to treat her this way, and she was going to get her revenge. She ran towards him but instead decided to tackle him the old fashioned way by hanging onto him from behind. He couldn't reach her, making him struggle against her tight grip. Finally she let go, and threw one single starbolt at him while he gasped for air and recovered. it hit his foot and he looked at her.

"I'm impressed," he said galvanized by her ability to keep going no matter what. "You're learning well, Starfire. And i think it's time that we go visit someone."

They walked through the town, moving throught dadrk shadows of buildings and larger objects like busses or trucks. Starfire took in everything they had seen. She didn't remember the town at all. Until she saw the Titan's favorite pizza parlor. For a second, she remembered the good times they had. Like when they fought to win the last piece, when Cyborg and Beast Boy would make a contest out of who could eat mo-

"So, do you know where I'm taking you?" Slade's words interrupted Starfire's thinking. She shook her head.

"No," she said sternly, rubbing her cheek from when he slapped her. "I have not been here in quite a while." She was going to say, since she was with the Titans, but she was afraid. Slade had told her never to mention the dark time before she had joined him. She was afraid that he would slap or beat her, like he had many times before when she had forgotten her place and started to talk about the Titans.

"My dear Starfire," Slade said almost kindly, "I'm taking you to see an old friend of mine."

Starfire nodded silently and looked at the building ahead. They walked into its shadow and ended up in its court yard right in front of the gate. School children were playing out front. Some, Starfire saw, were studying and others played happily, glad that they had the period to themselves. Slade looked at one particular girl, with pale skin, sky blue eyes, and pale blonde hair. Her eyes were big and content, like they had seen everything they needed to, and nothing more.

He whistled over to the girl, "Hello, Terra."

She looked around her. Then she pointed to herself. "Me?" She asked quietly.

Slade nodded, "Yes, Terra, you."

She walked over slowly, holding her books up to her chest. She leaned against the gate and examined Slade. Her eyes widened when she rememebered. "You."

Slade just looked at her, "Yes, Terra, it is me. You remember don't you?"

Tears welled in her eyes as she slowly moved away. Starfire walked up to the gate and leaned up against it as Terra had done before her. Starfire's voice was calm and gentle, "Do not be afraid, Terra. It is me, Starfire."

Terra looked at her. She was Starfire. But she wasn't the Starfire she knew. Aside from trying to comfort her, she was trying to bring her to Slade. She wasn't the same. Nothing made sense. Although, Terra was turned to stone and was gone forever. But now the statue was gone and she was here, in school. So it didn't have to make sense.

"Star?" Terra's voice quivered in fear. She examined her up and down, moving her hair out of her eyes to get a good look. She shook her head in confusion, "Starfire, what are you doing with him? Go, get out of here! He's not safe!"

Starfire chuckled and stood up straight, glancing at the girl and then at Slade. "Why would i run? Slade is my master, Terra. And i am his apprentice."

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