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Buzz Buzz. I get out of bed and glance at my phone. Liam was calling. I scramble to answer. "hey" i say as cooly as I can. "Hey Niall" Liam replies.I contain the butterflys in my stomach that always appear when he says my name. "What's up?" I say trying to keep a straight voice. "Niall, I need to tell you something" He said sounding serious. "What is it Liam?" I ask sitting up a bit straighter. "Can you come over?" He asks, almost pleading. "Sure, I'll be there in 5 minutes alright?" I say getting up and grabbing my car keys. "Alright, see you in a few" he says. "Alright" I say. He hangs up and I drive the short distance to his house. I go up to his door and knock. He opens almost immediatly and lets me in. "Niall, I need to ask you something" he says looking at me. I can barley breathe. I see him everyday and I'm always this close to him, but today just feels different. I look at him. "What is it Liam?". He looks at me and says "Niall do you love me." I was shocked. "Of course I love you" I say. "No I mean really love me, not friends, more then that." He says. I'm shaking now. "Yes Liam" I say breathlessly. "Niall, I think I'm in love with you" He says blushy. "And all my little things?" I ask and he laughs. I smile at him. "Niall, can I ask you one more thing?" he asks. "Of course" I say. "Niall.. Will you be my boyfriend?" He asks blushing even more and looking down. I feel like crying. This is just how I'd imagined it. Okay, maybe it'd have been better if he had asked while eating nando's, but Liam had just asked me to be his boyfrien. Looking at him, I realized I hadn't answered him yet. "Yes Liam" I say lifting his head up. He grins and kisses me. "You have no idea how long I've been waiting for this, Niall" He says, looking at me, his eyes glowing.

*6 months later*

I'm in Nando's eating my heart out when my phone rings. Without even looking I know it's Liam. I pick up. "Hey" I say. "Hey babe" says Liam. Just by his voice, I know he's grinning. "Remember what today is?" he asks. "Our six month, how could I forget" I say putting more food in my mouth. "Yep I've got a suprise for you at home" he says. "Alright, I'll be home soon" I say finishing my snack. "Alright I'll see you here, I love you" he says. "I love you too" I say, butterflies filling my stomach. He hangs up and I drive home. When I get home I see food leading towards the bedroom. I laugh and eat it till I reach Liam. I look up and he kisses me. "Hey" I say smiling. "Hey" he says blushing. "What's the suprise?"

 I ask looking around. He starts undressing. "Me" he says pulling me close to him and kissing me. I kiss him back, wrapping my arms around him and holding him close to me.He starts to undress me and I make no move to stop him. Soon, we're both naked and kissing harder and faster then we ever have. "Liam" I moan. He winks at me. "Ready to make the next move baby" he asks grinning and winking. "no no you do it" i say still in shock that this was actually happening. "okay if you insist" he says pulling me close. We have sex all night till we can't breathe or move anymore. "I love you" Liam says, out of breath. "I love you too" I say smiling. He pulls me close and we fall asleep next to each other.

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