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<<(Y/N) POV>>

"Do we have everything we need?" Adam called as I strapped up my back pack.

"All set. Just need (Y/N) to move her malasis." Justin joked, I gave him the finger.

"What about you, (Y/N)? Are you ready?" Adam looked at me.

"Yeah, all set. The guys are loading the rest of the truck." I smirked as I walked over to them.

"Good, cause once this job is done, we're all going to sandy shores, no disagreement." He turned on his heel and walked to the truck.

"What an ass." Justin said as he fixed the item in his hand.

"Hey, watch that mouth. It may get you killed." I snapped as I sharpen my machete and open the door with my foot.

"Ladies first." I smirked.


"You wish I was your bitch." I laughed as I walked out after him. I threw my bag in the truck and Justin threw the rest of his stuff in the back too. We sat in one of the vans and someone handed me a gun. I didn't know everyone in the group, just a few. The crew was so big it was like half of a village. But the problem was that I was the only girl, so I got a lot of men asking me out.

"You sure you can handle a kind of thing like this, babe?" Jeremy bumped my elbow.

"We're not dating, Jeremy. Just fuck off." I shrugged him away as he got a bunch of O's and 'Burn's'.

"You're such a bitch." He laughed, the guys looked at me.

"Bitch is a dog, dogs bark, bark is on trees, trees are a part of nature, and nature is beautiful so thanks for calling me beautiful, shit face." I looked at the front of the van. The guys did the same thing again.

"Such a spoiled brat."

"Hey Jeremy, Shrek called he wants his face back." I smiled at him and laid back, smirking at my victory.

<<???? POV>>
"I'm gonna ask you one more time, where are they going?" I grabbed the man's collar and slammed him against the wall.

"They're-They're going to-to the Los Santos International bank." He stuttered. "Please...just-just let me go." He cried.

"Moo." I called after one of my crew members as he beat him up and soon shot him.

"Why do you do this?" My best friend, Jonathan, put a hand on my shoulder.

"She's mine. Only mine." I stared out at the city. "We better get a move on soon." I growled. He frowned and made me look at him.

"Your eyes are changing again, man." He let go of my face as I rubbed my chin.

"Who gives a fuck?" I glared at him.

"Us. We give a fuck. We lost Craig because of your out burst of eyes, and we're all tired of sitting here waiting for you to give a flying fuck!" He stormed off as guilt flooded my brain. He was right though, it was my fault that we lost a crew member. All he was trying to do was calm me down but I pushed him out the window. Wildcat was devastated.

"Mine. Only mine. She will be mine, not his." I growled as I looked back at the blue prints my crew made, it was a plan that I had mentioned to make. She was apart of gang that ruled half of the city, I ruled the other. She doesn't even know me yet I've been addicted to her since Adam was friends with her. I've known Adam for a while and I know he has fallen for her the way I have.

"You okay?" Lui snapped me out of my flashback.

"Yeah, I'm fine." I mumbled, I look back out and try to find certain buildings.

"You know, this has gotten out of hand. She's just a girl." I glared at Lui.

"It's almost done Lui, I just need to have her with me." I closed my eyes and looked out again.

"Sure. Just another addiction?" He smiled sadly at me. I nodded.

"Just another addiction."

<<(Y/N) POV>>

"Go!" Adam opened the door for us as we burst through the door of the bank.

"Hands up and get on the ground! This is a robbery!" I yelled as everyone screamed and started crying. Adam and 3 other guys went to the clerk and pushed him to the vault.

"Watch them." I ordered Jeremy and Justin as I walked to the back door to check it out. It had a door leading outside and a couple of bags of money. I picked up the bags and paced them in my duffel bag. I fixed my mask and zipped up the bag. The door near me started unlocking and I dashed under the desk. I heard footsteps and someone kick the gun I left on the ground.

"Search this place. Shoot anyone except the girl." A Irish accent said as more feet followed. I made a loud thump against the wall and one of the feet stop. The crouch down and a hockey mask was staring at me.

"Hey there sweetheart!" He grabbed my arm and pulled me out. Once I was out, I high kicked his arm to let go but he kept a tight grasp.

"Fighter huh?" He turned me around and started strangling me, not enough to kill me though. I elbowed him and he clutched it for a second. I pushed him back and kicked him in the groin.

"Bitch.." He held onto a wall, I smiled.

"2 balls in one hit." I laughed. A clutch came in front of me and covered my mouth as I fainted. Blacking out, the last thing I heard was gunshots.

<<Jonathan POV>>

"Ugh, what does he see in this chick?" I stand as Lui grabs the girl and drags her.

"He said it was just another addiction. Don't get violent yet." Lui said as he threw hedge fly in the van.

"Right, once the guys are done shooting and fighting Adam's men, we'll bring him his prize."

"That's it, Del. Vanoss will be happy with us again and hopefull he won't kill another one of us."

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