Chapter 14

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Tris P.O.V:

I wake up Verity and get her dressed. She's going to Four and Nita's apartment today. I give her breakfast and turn on the TV. I tell her that we're going to 'Uncle' Four's house.

Tobias P.O.V:

Verity's coming over today and Nita seems really excited! I get dressed into my usual dauntless clothes, black top and jeans and black shoes.

We are having Verity from midday till tomorrow midday, so that gives us enough time to spend time with her and Tris and that cow Uriah to do whatever they want.

We decided to go to the cafeteria together breakfast so me and Nita head there, we see that Tris and the gang are sat at their normal table, we go and join the line for breakfast.

We get some toast and coffee and go sit down at their table. Everyone says 'hi' and continues to eat. Verity waddles over to us and shouts that she's coming over to our flat later; she's adorable, she gets that from Tris, wait, uh, no, me.

++ Later on ++

Tris P.O.V:

I drop Verity off at Four's and it's so hard to do so. I can't trust Four anymore and I've barely met Nita, but it's worth the risk, if Verity's fine I'm fine. I go back home to a candle-lit room with rose petals leading to the bed.

Uriah is lay on the bed. Fast asleep. Poor baby, he spent time on all this and fell asleep. It's just like when he proposed to me.

It feels so good to have some time alone with Uriah, but then again worrying as well because Verity has never been away from us for a whole day.

Verity's two now, I miss having her as a small infant, it is something so weird to have a baby inside you but so great at the same time, it's something I miss.

I go and sit next to Uriah on the bed and poke him in the face. He doesn't wake up. I sigh.


He jumps up, got him...

"What? I was sleeping,"

"I know but, this is the first day we have free without a child, we should appreciate it,"

"What are you trying to say?"

I sigh, "I miss having a baby here, I want another baby..."


I nod, he comes up and kisses me on the lips.
I think you can tell what happens after that...
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