Chapter 1:

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The sun glared in RoseWood as I pushed open my car door and got out, slamming it behind me. This place looked like it would give me nothing but surprises, it was such a cute little town.

I leaned against my car popping the gum in my mouth while I looked around and that was when I spotted her; Alison DiLaurentus, my biological sister.

Three months previous:

"Have a nice day at school honey!" My mom called out to me, but I only waved as a response. There was no way I was even half awake to be talking to anyone at this hour of the morning and I didn't want to either, so waving would just have to do for now.

The walk to school wasn't a long one at all, just maybe 10 minutes if I was walking slowly. My phone vibrated and I took it out of my skinny jeans as I walked down the street.

Secrets are threatening, threatening to break you apart, don't believe the alibi's,look straight through the lies. -A

I stopped walking once I read the message and frowned while I read it over an over, for a good few weeks now I had been receiving odd messages from someone who called themselves -A. I thought it might just be a prank, someone was playing or some sick joke.

Well I hoped so anyways, but they seemed to be getting weirder and weirder, almost as if they were trying to tell me something. I huffed in annoyance, it was far too early for this shit and I couldn't be doing riddles, so I stuffed my phone back in my pocket and started to walk back to school.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't get the message out of my head, what was the alibi? What was the lie..

"Don't be stupid Riley.." I mumbled under my breath and tried to focus back on my teacher at the front of the classroom, but it was hard to say the least. For a few reasons, I didn't care about this class and I just couldn't get the damn text out of my mind.

"Riley?" The teacher asked and I looked up raising my eyebrow slightly.
"Did you hear me?"


"When was George Washington first elected as president?"

I shrugged my shoulders and sat back in my chair while I looked at her, couldn't she just see that people had other things going on to worry about dates in history.

My response earned a sigh from her and she smiled once more turning to someone else in the class.

For the rest of the lesson I just tried to focus on It if I could in any way, but no matter what, my mind went back to the text. Once the bell rang, I was first out of the class and down the hall towards my locker.

"So you'll never guess what." Madison squealed right beside me while I put my books in my locker. "Hmm?" I asked her while I tried to remember what classes I had next.

She was such an excited person all the time, she almost always had some gossip to tell me, which I would listen to of course. The only thing that I was weary about my friend was why exactly she was friends with me, I think it was just so people would vision her as being 'cool' or some messed up crap like that.

"So Dallas Johnson is hooding a party at his place tonight and I swear to the Lipgloss Gods if you don't go, everyone will know." Her lips curled into a smile afterwards and I almost missed her little insult in there.

I looked over at her and smiled a fake smile before nodding "Alright, but I need something to wear so we will have to go after school."

That earned another squeal of approval from her.

I covered my ears and laughed at her while I slammed my locker door and picked up my bag walking to class while she followed and gave me all the details along the way.

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