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The spangles

The glitter

The way they cheer for me

The hurly burly

Of burlesquery

My heart is a-pitter

Before I step on the stage


When the music starts

Into the spotlight I march

Head held high

And not a quiver

Here we go

I’m going to make you shiver


A pivot, a shake

Not a hair out of place

I bend at the waist

Flash my tits in your face


With one leg raised high

Oh, I start to fly

I raise my skirt up

Show a glimpse of my thigh


I shimmy so hard

I push clean out of my skirt

Of course you know

I’m a right royal flirt!


I take off my corset

And of course it

Exposes my breasts

To the glance of the masses

Those guys in their macs

Steaming up their glasses

As I jiggle my pasties

To the left, to the right

Grinding my hips

Under the blinding stage lights


A glove comes off next

Drawn loose with my teeth

The other one follows

In time to the beat


My red frilly knickers

Are next for the chop

I look over my shoulder

And smile as they drop


Now I’m right down to my g-string

Oh, my Lord

How very appealing


I can twirl my tassels

It’s not any hassle

I can make them spin

In opposite directions

I just want to see your tongue on the floor


A girly wiggle

For that man in the middle

A tip of my hat

With a nod and a wink

To the guy over there who bought me a drink


There’s really only one person in the audience I see

When I’m performing

They think they know a part of me

But there’s only one who owns the heart of me

It’s all for you, dear Sir

I might be naked on stage

But I’m never so bare

Not even exposed

With my ass in the air

As when you say ‘Look at Me’ and stare into my soul


Lace and satin and licks and teases

Blowing kisses

Always hoping it pleases

Dip and bend

‘Til you can see my cleavage


A thrilling high kick

What a night, what a trip

A shimmy, a flick

Then into the splits

Just to hear the crowd roar.


I end up on your lap

As the crowd start to clap


Thank you!

Good night!

And I’m done

Until you take me home for your own private show

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