The New Beginning

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A/N: This is my first story I have read many hope you like it

You just moved out your previous house after your parents death. You were sitting on there old couch thinking about who could of possibly done it.

"Why" you thought pissed off. You starting to feel heat to your checks as a tear starts to stream down it.
You broke your couch not knowing how, your eyes started to change giving you tremendous power. ( not realizing it)  you were tired so you decided to skip dinner and went right to bed.

---------------------------------------------It had been 2 weeks since you had lived in that house and you started to feel uncomfortable. You started to see shadows and your knifes were out of place also you lost your favorite scissors.

You have skipped food for a while till tonight you finally ate something. After that you went on your computer into google to read more X readers.

When you hear scraping against your sliding glass window. You grab a pair of scissors out of the couch (since you have them hidden all over the house) and walk over there with caution.

Seeing a man with a blue mask and pale skin holding a scalpel standing there. You tried to not fan girl but you couldn't believe it. You got your feelings together thinking its a

You open the door as he come at you whispering "kidneys, kidneys I must have them." You laughed as you move to the side kicking him in the
Back making him fall. "Ohhh your a feisty one, I might have to bring you to slenderman" he says with excitement

You grip your scissors as you see blood come from jacks eyes. You don't know what to do and you lunge at him hitting a pressure point. You catch him as he starts to fall and you bring him into your room making sure no one saw.
You don't have him tied but you sit in a corner waiting for him to wake up.  You hear a slight groan as he sits up looking to figure out his surroundings.
"Dammit Jeff is going to kill me, but I have to get the job done" he says seriously.

You start to black out from your lack of food and sleep you hide your scissors in your bra before so you have them
When you wake up.

"That was easy" jack thought

He whispers "I'm sorry"

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