Tickets & Revenge

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Zoe's POV:

I walked over to my crush of 2 months where he stood talking to his friends from Hockey, he is so dreamy, and across the hall I could see my usual group Sam, Tina, Sophie, Katie and Issy all talking next to the door of the classroom waiting for the next class to start. I'll give them something to talk about soon. I walked confidently up to Jake and tapped him on the shoulder twice.

"Jake?" I asked in as sweet a voice as I could manage

He turned around so quickly, I felt the air escape my lungs as his vibrant green eyes stared into mine.

"Yes?" He said in an agitated tone but I kept my cool and said,

"Hi Jake, I got two tickets to the Lakers game this Saturday I was wondering if you wanted to come with me?"

"The Lakers? I thought they were sold out" He said looking back at me puzzled.

"I have my ways" I said not wanting to admit that CeCe had gotten these tickets for us to go but I Mean why would I go with Cece if I could go with my crush?

"Sure" He said with a smirk on his perfect lips.

I looked back at Cece and the group and saw them all standing open mouthed and wide eyed at what I had done and then looked straight into Cecily's tearing blue eyes and I smiled and turned back Jake who was still looking at me intently, I continued to smile and leaned towards him planting a small kiss on the lips enough to make cece jealous and said,

"It's a date" I smiled at him and then walked away towards the group.

"Hey guys, Where's Cece?" I said calmly as if nothing had happened

Katie emerged from the group and slapped me across the face and then Issy came up to me a said " you just hurt my best friend your best friend forever what happened to the forever"
Then of course Sam and Tina walked up in unison and said "our best friend how could , you , you Know cece had a massive crush on Jake for such a long time you are no longer part of our group.
Ouch that hurt I just followed my instinct.

Cece ran into the bathroom with Sam Tina Issy and Katie in tow only leaving Sophie
Sophie hissed at me " that was my best friend and you just broke her heart she is going to try and forget you but she won't when she try's she will only think of the happy memory's and then pain will pierce her heart thinking of what could've been. And then she ran after the gang.

So I stood there on my own in the middle of the school hallway with nothing except to Lakers tickets in my right hand.

Cecily's POV:

2 days later

It had been 2 whole days since my supposed 'BFF' had asked out my lifelong crush and kissed him. I heard a knock on my door so I got up of the couch and paused the avengers episode I had been watching, I opened up my large oak front door and saw Sam, Tina, Sophie, Katie and Issy. And in their hands was shopping bags filled with food, make up and clothes.

"I told you she'd be watching avengers!" Sophie exclaimed excitedly

"We bought you food, and supplies" Tina said and held up the bags

"you didn't have to do that" I said as they started to walk into my living room

"Yes we did have you seen this place?" Said Sam

I looked around the room and all I could see was a sea of tissues and finished ice cream tubs. yeah maybe I do need help.

2hours later:

They had finished making me up and I looked in the mirror. I look awesome. We all went out into the drive and got into Issy's car, put the radio on full volume and as the music started blaring out of the speakers we began the ride to school. Were I would see - you know who .

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