Where are you?

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Daddy where are you?
What have you become?
Do you know you made me this way?
Daddy, through the pain, beatings, neglecting,
I still love you daddy.

Daddy, its hard for me to remember your smile, I always did fear your mad face,
I think we all did, daddy

Daddy look at what I have become, do you still see the little girl you beat on?
What do you see daddy?

Daddy why couldn't we have been a happy family? Why couldn't you control it?

Daddy when I wake up I smell like you, daddy I'm lost,
Daddy can you find me through the anger and pain?
I'll be honest daddy

You're the only one who has ever seen my pain, you're the only one that can find me

Daddy, I still love you

(I know it's long sorry..)

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