Chapter 1: No Home To Hospital

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*May 2nd, L.A.*

Adam and Sauli was at the store grocery shopping when all of a sudden, "OMFG!!!!! It's Adam Lambert!!!!". Adam and Sauli turned around to see a young girl with two children running towards them. Sauli tried to run but Adam grabbed him arm and walked towards the young girl. Adam Stopped and kneeled down in front of the three. "Hello, young ones", he said in an excited/overwheled/soothing voice, "what is your names?" Sauil became very angry, pulled away, and walked to the buggie. The young girl said,"My Name Is Kymontiana McShan but people call me by my middle name, Niya, and this is Malik Issac and Joshua Gilliam." she said pointing to the two young boys beside her. "How old are you?", Adam asked. "I am 12, my birthday is in 2 days and both, Malik and Joshua, is 2 but Mailk is three months older than Joshua."

Adam smiled then looked around. "Where are your parents? Are they around?", asked Adam. As soon as he said that, the young boys started to cry. Adam began to feel sorry and backed away and said, "I'm sorry. What did I do?". Niya pickd the two boys up in each arm, kissed them, and started to rock them in her arms. "Don't worry. You didn't do anything. Our moms abandoned us. We are all cousins. They abandoned us just before I saw you. I saw them driving away and leaving us three here." Niya started to cry and the two boys hugged her around the neck. By then, Adam was crying and feeling very sorry for the three youngsters. Sauli, on the other hand, was not pleased by the sad story. He rolled his eyes and turned away from them. Niya put the young boys down and said, "Goodbye. I don't want you hold you up. We should get going. It was nice meeting you but I can't say that about everyone", she said looking pass Adam to Sauli. She wiped away Adam's tears, kissed him on the cheek, grabbed the boys by their hands, and turned around left.

As soon as she walked away, Sauli said, "Well, that was sad wasn't it but we better get going.". Sauli grabbed Adam's shoulder and raised him off the floor. Adam snatched away and ot really pissed. "What the hell, Sauli. That little girl and those two boys don't have parents and is practically helpless and all you can say is 'let's get going'. Are you serious?" Adam turned around and ran down every asle looking for them. Finally, he saw them in the last asle heading to the door and shouted, "NIYA, WAIT, PLEASE!!!!!! NIya and the two boys turned around and smiled. When Adam ran up to them, Sauli came up behind him and said, "Adam!!! Come on!!! We must leave!!!." Sauli grabbed Adam's arm but he pulled away and slapped Sauli right in the face. Niya and the young boys were stunned and shocked but not as much as Sauli, who was rubbing the bright red area on his face. Adam turned around to the young girl and boys and said,"Do you know where you live?". Niya put her head down and shook her head. "Well you can stay with us until we find your family, okay?". Niya jumped into Adam's arms imbracing him with a hug and soon after Malik and Joshua started the cheer and hug them as well. Meanwhile, Sauli was in line checking out and hading out of the door. Adam grabbed Sauli and said, "You may be mad at me but I'm helping someone who needs it. So, Niya, Malik, and Joshua will stay with us tonight or until we find her parents. So you better be nice." Sauli started to speck but just bac and forth bewteen the three kids and Adam. He rolled his eyes, pulled away, and went out of the door with Adam and the kids following behind him. Adam packed the kids in the back seat while Sauli put the groceries in the back of the car and sped away.

"So, how long have you been in L.A. if you don't know your own address?", Adam asked. Niya laughed and said, "I don't know. I forgot.". Adam looked worried ad said, "Why don't you remember? Are you okay?". Niya shook her head and said, "No, I got this medical condition where I forget stuff, do or say things I don't mean to like random blinking, head jerking, shouting, screaming, and blacking out." Adam felt sorry for her and said, "Oh how long have this been going on? How long have you had this?". "For all my life.", she said. Suddenly the car stopped and Sauli got out and opened the door for Adam and the kids. As they got out, Adam stopped to kiss Sauli and whispered something in his ear that made him smile and blush bright red. Niya smiled at the two and went to the door with Malik and Joshua and stood there waiting for one of them to open the door. Adam blushed and walked to the door to unlock it. "Sorry", he said and opened the door. Malik and Joshua was the first ones in the house when Adam turned on the lights. Niya walked in the house in awe with Adam laughing at her and Sauli rolling his eyes as she walked in the other room. Adam hit him lightly the head and said, "I saw that. You better stop acting like an ass or I will kick your pretty little ass out. If you do that again, your are not going to get your present tonight. Understand. Now go upstairs and wait on me." Sauli puted and headed upstairs.

Adam turned around and stared in awe as he saw Niya and her cousins standing there. Adam headed upstairs signaling her them to follow him. Malik and Joshua was the first ones to the steps with Niya following behind them. Adam turnedaround and screamed,"CATCH THEM!!!!". Niya laughed and said,"They're 2. They know how to walk up and down stairs by theirselfs. Calm down.". Adam blushed in embarrassment, which only made Niya laugh harder. When they were upstairs, Adam went to the guest bed room and turned on the lights. Niya was so amazed by the glamoruos room. There was a king-sized bed with beautiful lace, silk, and cotton sheets and covers. There was a big rug covering the center of the floor with Adam's and Sauli's faces on them. There was a big dresser where you can put on make-up and do your hair with a huge mirror on it and an empty wardrobe beside it. Beside the bed, there was a nightstand with books, glasses, and a small cup on it. Niya never was anyting so glamorous in her life.

Malik and Josh(Joshua), climbed onto the bed as soon as Niya took of their shoes and clothes and put on their night clothes. Niya sat beside them and they immediataly started playing, jumping, hugging, kissing, and wrestling with her. Adam cried at the sight. Niya rose from the bed and walked up to Adam and brung him to the bed and said, "Why are you crying? What's wrong? Talk to me." Adam wiped away some tears only to be replaced by more and said,"Why did your parents leave you? You seem like good kids. It's heartbreaking to see you three having fun and loving each other and remembering that your parents left you. Why did you do?" Niya became very angry and started to yell and said,"Well, damn Adam. Are you always like that? We were having fun and you had to ruin it. My family left me because I'm bisexual and I am basically a total screw-up. And they left them because they didn't want kids and they were 'over-rated'. I ddn't do anything but be myself. That's why I have no friends because of me being me. I guess being me is a bad thing.". By now, Niya was drenched in tears and she fell on the floor and covered her face with her hands. Adam, Malik, and Josh got down and started to hug her. She hugged Adam as he started shh-ing her soothingly. Niya said,"Adam...I' I just miss them so much and my anger and problems took over. I'm so sorry." Adam rocked Niya and said,"It's okay. I know sweetie. Shhhh. It'll be okay. Come on go to sleep. Get some rest.". But as soon a Niya stood up, she started shaking.

Adam looked at her, shook her, and said,"Niya??? Can you hear me??? SAULI, COME ERE. HURRY!!!!" Sauli ran in the room and saw Niya and kneeled beside her as she laid down on the ground, shaking and mummbling. Soon, her eyes were to the back of her head and they started twiching and blinking really fast. "Call the abulance. Hurry. I think she is having a seizure. Niya, can you hear me? Wake up.". Salui called the ambulace and they were there after about five mintues. By then, Niya stopped moving and stopped breathing. Her eyes were stiil to the back of her head. As the perimedics loaded her into the ambulacne and took off, Adam and Sauli followed it to the hospital.

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