Intro*pic of Velociraptor*

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Okay peeps the reason I don't last name or middle names for the mates it's cause I can't think of any sowwwwwwyy


Name : Velociraptor Mila Zade
Age: 14 turning 15
Eye color: multi color; pink around the pupil, purple around the pink, dark navy blue around the purple, turquoise around the navy blue, and a thin line of limegreen around the turquoise
Hair color: Straight waist length black hair with navy blue, pink, purple, turquoise, and lime green highlights (born with)
Body art: Piercings; eyebrow, 2 nose (both on right side), shark bites, gauges, tongue, belly button, 3 hip, dimples in the back.Tattoos; full body tatts.
Creature: hybrid; witch, werewolf, demon, werecat, siren, anger of death, vampire, human, and Hunter.


Name: Dante
Eye color: green eyes
Hair color: black hair with a blonde streak in the front(born with)
Body art: Piercings; spider bites.Tattoos; sleeves and full back and chest.
Creature: werewolf (blood moon pack)

Name: Tyron
Eye color: lime green eyes
Hair color: black hair with blue tips *spiked*
Creature: demon

Name: Antonio
Age: 22
Eye color: navy blue eyes
Hair color: blonde
Creature: siren

Name: Vance
Age: 21
Eye color: sky blue eyes
Hair color: light brown
Creature: vampire

Name: Van
Eye color: red eyes
Hair color:black with black blonde highlights(born with)
Creature: angle of death

Eye color: Hazel eyes
Hair color: brown
Creature: hunter

Name: :Carlos
Age: 18
Eye color: pink eyes
Hair color: black
Creature: witch

Name: Alex
Age: 17
Eye color: purple eyes
Hair color: dirty blonde
Creature: werecat(Sunrise pride)

Age: 19
Eye color: greenish grey eyes
Hair color: Dark brown
Creature: human


Name: Renee
Age: 16
Eye color: hazel eyes
Hair color: blonde
Creature: human

Name: Rico
Age: 18
Eye color: Golden (cat) eyes
Hair color: white
Creature: warlock

Name: Soarin
Age: 16
Eye color: hazel eyes
Hair color: light blonde~not bleach blonde~
Creature: hybrid; werewolf and vampire

Name: Tank
Eye color: light brown eyes
Hair color: brown hair with blonde highlights (not born with)
Creature: hybrid; werewolf and demon

Name: Sam
Age: 16
Eye color: brown
Hair color: blonde with purple streaks
Creature: Vampire
Died at:13
Creature of the past: werewolf

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