Chapter 2 Kai prov

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Kai prov
(Pic of Kai)
*We have been following the caribou for several weeks now to the spring feeding grounds. Beta started to go into another packs territory, unlike the other wolves I had extremely acute sense of smell. I watched as the Beta disappeared over the hill and Stella and Max came behind Skye and I and told us to follow. Right before we went over the hill hey said to wait right before we went over the hill. I sat down and Skye sat beside me keeping her eyes downcast whereas I kept my gaze looking up and forward. I saw Stella and Max come back five it so minutes later Max carefully grabbed behind my neck. I twisted around trying to get out of his grip I could walk perfectly fine and didn't need to be carried! However Skye was picked up and she remained still.*

'Put me down Max I can move perfectly fine!'

'Hush and stop moving pup!'

*I was about to say something, but was dropped into the ground before I could. Stella set Skye down gently then backed up. I looked up seeing the Alpha I assume of this pack talking to Beta. Compared to Beta he towere over him. However he looked to be quit under weight and didn't appear to e too clean. I shot him a glare which he didn't seem to see instead he studied us quizzically. I noticed Skye shaking she was digging her nails into he hands close to drawing blood. I moved over and uncurled her fingers from her hands. He shaking lessened tho was still there her grip was an iron one despite looking so relaxed.*

'Why did you bring us into another packs territory? Is this the Knight Pack that you are allied with?'

'Yes it is, Kai.'

*I looked the alpha of this pack in the eye obviously surprising him. I had never backed out of staring a superior down and I always held eye contact weather it be taken a a challenge or not.*

'So your the Alpha of this pack I take?'

'Yes I am.'

'I am Kai and this is my sister Skye.'

*I kept my face blank of any emotion that might betray me. My sister remained focused on keeping her eyes downcast she was quiet shy and rarely ever talked by talk I mean wolf language we done know the shifters human language which obviously the alpha of this pack is.*

'Well since your the alpha then you must be Alaxander and the two behind you must be James and Delilah your siblings.'

*The Alphas wolf eye twitched signaling surprise this game was far too easy to play he didn't hold a what do the humans and shifters call it?...a poker face I believe  he didn't hold a poker face as well as I did either that it something else's was in his mind. I turned to look at Beta again breaking my forest green icy stare.*

'Can we get going if you are done talking?'

'Well, Kai, not only is Alaxander the Alpha of this pack,but he is also your father.'

*I jerked my head around dropping my poker face and trading it for a rage face. I felt Skye's hand tighten in warning which I didn't listen to and blew up.*

'Your our father?! Where in the name of elk guano have you been?!'

*I had obviously caught the Alpha or should I say, father off gaurs with n outburst. Skye was starting to shake and shrunk back into me. Her breathing was beginning to become increased as well as her heart rate.*

'Why would you and mom even abandon us?!'

'Kai! Enough nobody abandoned you! Your mother was dying giving birth  to the both of you in fact, she told us that the first five years you should remain with us until your father could finish grieving then once those five years are up to let you be reunited with your father!'

*Beta let out a snarl at the disrespect I had showed I kept my same face trying to relax it when speaking to Beta seeing as my anger wasn't directed at him.*

'We brought you back here to reunite you with your father,we have done exactly what your mother,our alpha asked, now that I have done that I can pass on in peace. Please don't make this hard on you and your sister, Kai.'

*Through all of this Skye had remained silent soaking in everything that had been said. She made a small gesture of pulling her hand out and placing it on top of mine she shook her head no against my chest saying silently through her gesture to fight this battle another day. I complied and listened to her giving a huff setting this aside for another day.*

'Ok,I understand Beta. May you rest in peace and hunt safely.'

*I looked at Beta as I spoke. Skye turned her head to face Beta. I was surprised she had even spoke since she had only spoke this once this whole year and it was saying her  goodbye to Beta.*

'Have good hunting and warm summers.'

*After that Beta tuned leaving obviously limping with arthritis in his joints.*

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