A Short Story About A Brother And Sister Love

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Long Time Ago , there is a mother who is divorced and bringing a boy named ken. There is also a father who is also divorced and bringing a girl named shasha. One day , both the mother and the father fall in love! And therefore they got married... FEW YEARS later , shasha fall in love with ken , but such a sad thing that ken only treats shasha as a sister. ken went out with shasha and his fellow friends to the karaoke and sang a unforgettable love song... Shasha love the song very much so she ask ken to give it to him. Ken agreed to and wrote the name on the CD and gave shasha. When they got home , shasha pasted a " I Love You " sticker on the CD... Soon Ken told shasha ' i don't love u! All the time i only treated you as a sister to me... ' After that shasha had a boyfriend then their relationship begin to worsen... One day , they had a big fight! ken overheard shasha conversation on the phone with her boyfriend and shasha said ' what? u want to borrow money from me again? But if my brother knows about it , he will be really angry with me! ' Ken was so mad that he threw the cup on the floor and went out of the house to the graden without looking at his sister! But actually , when he threw the cup on the floor , he didn't noticed that one of the broken piece of glass had went into shasha neck , and therefore shasha lost lots of blood and died! When Ken wanted to go back and say sorry to his sister , he found out that his sister had died and from that day onwards , no one know how shasha died and till now , it is still a MYSTERY!

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