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Word Count: 584

Warnings: Swear Words

Summery: Fear can make you do the strangest things

Based on this request by skittlesinyurmouth:


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You hated scary movies and your boyfriend Dean would tease you, by making you watch the most gory and chilling horror films that he could lay his hands on. Every Sunday night you would lay in bed and watch a movie of his choice together before you went to sleep, and this Sunday was no different as you anxiously waited to see what movie Dean had chosen.

''So what is it this time?'' you asked nervously

''You're have to wait and see darling'' Dean replied with a smirk

He placed the movie into the DVD player and your eyes scanned the screen for any sign of a title but you couldn't see one. The movie had only been playing for just over 4 minutes and you were already shielding your face from the screen with your hand as you grimaced over the what you were seeing. Then the words flashed up on the screen in pale green letters confirming your suspicions, SAW II. As the movie continued to play, you couldn't help but notice that Dean was unusually quiet as he laid beside you. He would usually laugh at the most gory scenes of any horror movie and revel in your revulsion, his laughs getting louder as you winched, but this time there was nothing but the sound of the movie filling the room.

''You alright babe?'' you asked, looking over to Dean with a smile

''Yep'' was all he said in response but you could tell by his face that he was lying

He was scared. Dean was actually scared of a horror film and as the movie came to an end you weren't sure weather to comfort him or tease him about it like he had done to you so many times before. Dean got out of bed and removed the film from the DVD player while you settled down for the night. Just as you shut your eyes you heard Dean open the bedroom door.

''Where are you going?'' you asked as you sat up

''I'll be right back. I've just got to check something'' Dean replied as he made his way downstairs

You had no idea what he was doing and you were too tired at that moment to care as you laid back down and attempting to go to sleep. Your eyes had only been closed for a few minutes when the bedroom light was turned on.

''DEAN!!'' you groaned with annoyance

''Don't move (Y/N)'' Dean said as he walked towards the bed

''What! Why?'' you asked

Dean had a flashlight in his hand and he kneeled down and shone the flashlight underneath the bed as if he was looking for something ''Dean what are you doing?'' you asked bewildered

''I'm checking for serial killers'' he replied

You weren't sure weather to laugh or be concerned by his admission and you realized that the movie had spooked him a lot more than you thought it did ''Babe there's no serial killers in our apartment, come to bed'' you reassured

''In a bit, I've just got one more place to check'' Dean said as he walked towards the bathroom

He came out of the bathroom a few minutes later and turned off the bedroom light before joining you in bed. You cuddled up to him, wrapping your arm around his waist, running your fingers through his hair as you looked at him ''Now you know how I feel'' you whispered before rested your head on his chest, falling asleep. 

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