100 ways and more, not to get bored in class

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A/N: this is actually from a french group on facebook, so some of the information has been edited (mostly translated) so  don't hate me if it isn't so accurate...

also, some of the things in here are so absurd! so don't get to surprised, you have been warned ;)

enjoy w'ommies (wattpad hommies) 

* = group activity

1. To prevent the teacher from giving homework at the end of the course, do not let him talk.Anything goes (animal cries, Gregorian chants, etc.)..

2. Ask questions that are not related to the course whatsoever.

3. Sharpen your pencil over your table until it is covered with small pieces. To get rid of them, start vacuuming (you would have discreetly put a vacuum in your backpack).

4. Convince the class to sing the national anthom at the beginning of the course. (yes I'm saying "convince"!).

5. Bring food and made ​​the most noise possible by chewing it.

6. * Organize a dwarf race to the back of the class.

7. film the course, say it for the school newspaper.

8. * Before the lesson, tell all the students to drop their pens, all at once.

9. play music. (Flute, harmonica ...).

10. * Basketball: as its name suggests,you are supposed to score baskets in the teacher's garbage can, unnoticed.

11. Ask the teacher how the words "I", "rabbit" or "test" are written.

12. In history class, get your math stuff.

13. When the teacher distributes copies, leave the room, shouting: "that's it, that's it, I have the secret documents! ".

14. Eat your notebook.

15. Ask "Mr. (Miss), what's the music of Dragon Ball Z again? ".

16. * Sing "Happy Birthday" to the teacher, Even If It's Not His (her) birthday.

17. Go ahead and tell the teacher that Gotham City needs you, and go on shouting: "Hold on Robin, I'm coming! ".

18. Buy a postcard (the ones that make music when you open them), put the mechanism(not the card ...) in your correspondence book, (or in the text book in class) so when the teacher opens the little music goes off, and the teacher is forced to close it ...

19 * Battle of blowguns.

20. I don't like this number.

21. Try to contradict the teacher. Find all arguments to lose at least 10 minutes of class.

22. Ask the teacher personal questions.

23. Find a way to enclose a small animal in your bag (pigeon, squirrel, white shark,skunk, polar bear ..) and release it discretely.

24. Stutter.

25. * As soon as the teacher starts talking, everyone applauds.

26. Take an ink cartridge, apply glue on top, and throw it to the ceiling without being noticed. (It also works with pens, pencils and lots of other stuff, but it is reserved for pros...).

27. Answer in Finnish.

28. Give 80 cents to teacher and say, "a Coke, LIGHT, this time. ".

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