Chapter 2: Pep Rally

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(Tuesday Morning)

-Roc's POV-

After dinner, I was talking to that girl all night. We literally talked about everything. Her name was Camryn. She says she's like invisible at her school but I don't get it she has a great personality. She just so easy to talk to and so understanding. I started getting ready for school and before I left my room I saw she chatted me "Have a good day at school. Better then yesterday right?" I smiled and chatted back, "Thanks, you too." I got in my car and drove off. I'll probably stop at McDonalds or something. While I was driving out of the drive-through of McDonalds I got a call from Cayla. "Hello?" I said. "Goodmorning baby!" What was she so excited for? "Goodmorning babe. Wassup?" "Can you pick me up?" "Cayla, school is starting in 20 minutes." I said sighing. "I'm your girlfriend Roc." Looks like I'm going to be late again.

-Camryn's POV-

(At school)

Sitting in English, and Roc comes in 30 minutes late. 30 MINUTES. I hate jocks so much. "Late again, Mr. August" said Ms. Moss, writing on her clipboard. Roc sighed and said "I'm sorry I was almost here but I had to go pic-" she cut him off, "I don't want to hear it. Have a seat." He sat down looking pissed off and put his headphones in. That's what he gets. "We are changing a few seats today because of behavioral issues. Dominic, you move to wear Camryn is sitting, and Camryn you sit behind Mr.August." She kept giving out seat assignments but I zoned out after that. Why do I have to sit behind him in the very back of the class? I sighed and moved seats. Roc was in front of me mumbling the words to some rap song. He was annoying the shit out of me. "Hey can you stop please?" I said politely. He didn't respond. I tapped his shoulder. He didn't respond. I rolled my eyes and put my head down, trying to zone him out. At lunch I sat talking to Alicia and Myles. "So you going to the pep rally tomorrow?" she asked me. "Don't we have to?" I responded smartly. "No we don't dumbass. We're seniors. We don't have to do shit but show up to school." she said with an attitude. I laughed. "I want to go to college Li." "Bitch we all do! But after all this my question still ain't answered." she said looking at me with a straight face. I sighed, "I don't know, do you want me to?" "Okay that mean you coming." said Myles annoyed. Alicia busted out laughing. "Nigga stay out my damn conversation." I said bucking at him. "What the hell are we having a pep rally for anyway?" he said. "The basketball season is over so they're giving out awards for MVP and stuff." said Alicia. I swear this girl knows EVERYTHING. I rolled my eyes. "So you mean a pep rally to praise the great Roc?" He pisses me off. Myles and Alicia just shrugged. I looked over at Roc all down Cayla's throat. I just shook my head and finished my food.

-Roc's POV-

After I finished lunch, well I didn't really get to eat cause Cayla was all over me, but the team got called to the gym. When I got there I sat on the bleachers with the team until Coach came out his office to talk to us. He came out and looked at all of us grinning, then said "Alright guys, I'm sure you know the pep rally is tomorrow for team awards. I want all of you all to wear your varsity jackets tomorrow." People started talking as he paused. "Now I know you want to know who will be getting MVP and other stuff, but you're just going to have to find out tomorrow with the rest of the school." Prod nudged me and grinned at me. I forced a smile and looked away. I wish he could get it, he does so much for this team. "Alright now go back to lunch. It's not over yet so you should have time to get to class on time." He said looking at his watch. I started back towards the cafeteria and guess who stopped me. Cayla of course. She pulled my face to hers and tongue kissed me. I intertwined my fingers with hers and laughed because I know what she was tryna do. I pulled away finally and laughed. She could make me so happy sometimes. "You coming to Zonnique's party with me on Friday?" She said swinging our hands around. I smirked "Yeah what time you want me to pick you up?" "It starts at 8 so whenever I guess." She said. "Aite I'll be around to get you at like 7:30 then okay?" "Okay." "Aite I'm boutta to go to class so I'll see you later ok baby? I said. "Ok bye boo." I pecked her lips but she deepened the kiss, causing me to grab her ass. I chuckled and walked away. The rest of the day went by smooth and when it was time to go I was looking around for Cayla but I couldn't find her. I decided to go head and drive home. On the way, I got a call from Prod. I sighed and picked up."Aye wassup, Prod." I said. "Aye, wassup it seem like you been avoiding a nigga." "Nah, never I just been busy, you know senior year." I lied. "You right, but yo I can't wait till the pep rally. I been working for this through all of  high school." I shook my head. "Aye um, I'll hit you later, I'm not tryna get pulled over or nun.". "Aite later." he said laughing. When I got home I fell asleep immediately. When I woke up, I started chatting Camryn again.

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