Chapter 1: Unchained

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-Camryn's POV-

I turned over in my bed and squinted open my eyes. Ugh, another Monday. I looked at the clock, 6:56. I have to be at school by 8, so I have a little time I guess. I decided to go ahead and get up anyway so I could make a profile on this new site I heard about, '' (A/N not a real site). I was checking out the site and adding some people when I noticed it was already 7:15. I hurried and showered, did all my other hygiene stuff. I threw on some faded blue jeans and a college crew neck, put my hair into a messy ponytail and put on my glasses. You should know I'm not the most attractive, or popular girl at school. You might have me confused with Cayla, my twin. She has contacts where I have glasses always has perfect hair and style. I'm just invisible, barely anyone knows I'm even related to her. As I walk down the stairs into the kitchen, my best friend Alicia texts me she's outside. My parents were already gone of course. I grabbed my bag and keys and took a doughnut and went outside to the car. Cayla is always showing up to school late, she was probably still in there sleeping. When I walked up to the car, I saw that her boyfriend Myles was driving and she was in the passengers seat. I got in the back and started to eat my donut. "Hey girlll!" he said, I laughed. "Hi Myles." "Hi Cammy!" said Alicia. I'm glad the few friends I do have really love me. "Hayyyyy." I could actually be cool if anyone used the effort to get to know me. We pulled up to school and I let out a loud sigh. "What's the attitude for?" Said Alicia. I looked her with that 'nigga you know what' face. She laughed and shook her head as we walked into the school. When I got to my locker I saw Cayla standing near it. I wonder how she got here before me. As I open my locker, the most popular guy in school Roc walks down the hallway. Everybody is praising him like a damn celebrity as usual. He goes to his locker and Cayla tries to touch him but he brushes her off.

-Roc's POV-

I walked down the hallway, people on my dick as usual. I mean I'm just trying to walk to my locker. I'm the most popular guy in school, star of the basketball team. You think I have the perfect life right? Wrong. I don't want all these girls all over me, all these fake friends, and expectations. And I DEFINITELY don't need the pressure. I don't even like basketball anymore. Nobody knows the real me.When I finally got to my locker, Cayla was waiting there. I rolled my eyes and tried to get my books from my locker when she started whining at me as usual. "Roc I'm sorry. I know you still love me, I love you!" I really did think I loved her at one point, but now I just don't know. "Cayla, you're not." I said simply. She tried to touch my face and I brushed her hand off of me. "I told you this is over Cayla damn!". I walked down the hallway again, trying to get to my next class without all my 'fans' trying to talk to me. She stopped me again and grabbed my face. She smashed her lips onto. I chuckled while I kissed her. It's so hard to stay mad at her. I snapped out of it and jogged to my class. As soon as I came around the corner, the bell rung. Damn. I walked in and took my seat in the back. "Do you have a pass Mr. August?" my teacher Ms. Moss asked me. I shook my head no and took out my headphones. Ms. Moss shook her head at me and continued teaching. I'm actually a A and B student, but as usual everyone assumes I'm the typical jock. A stupid player. I just hate this life. After English I had history, then chemistry, then finally lunch. I sat with my niggas, Ray, Prod, and Prince. We were just eating chilling when I noticed everyone was staring at me. I looked around to see what was going on, and of course what I saw next was Cayla sitting on some niggas lap and whispering in his ear. I stormed out the cafeteria. What the fuck man? I sat on the steps and she came and sat by me. "Get the fuck away from me." I said. "Look Roc we weren't even doing anything! You need to trust me." She yelled. I was getting real frustrated now "Cayla cheating on some one is not how you get them to trust you. Why you keep doing this to me? It's embarrassing." She looked down and stood up. I stood up too. "Roc I'm sorry. I know I don't deserve you but I love.." I didn't get to hear the rest because I was walking away by then.

(End of the Day)

-Camryn's POV-

The dismissal bell rang and I went to my locker. Roc bumped right past me trying to avoid everyone for some reason. I dropped my books and watched him walk away as I knelt down to pick them up. "Asshole." I mumbled to myself. I hate him, he's such a fucking jerk. Does anyone see me? I got to my locker and saw that Roc was coming back my way, looking straight towards me. Why was he coming to me? As he got closer, I saw he wasn't. Of course. He was looking behind me. I quickly turned my head when I realized I was staring and saw that Cayla was standing behind me. She hates me, I wonder why she was near me. Once Roc got to Cayla, he gave her a hug and kissed her forehead. I guess whatever happened between them earlier was over. I walked out the school and went to Alicia's car and waited for them to come.

-Roc's POV-

School is over finally. I was walking around looking for Cayla before basketball practice so I could tell her I forgive her. Everyone deserves a second chance right? When I found her I gave her a hug and kissed her forehead and let her know I believe her. I went to the locker room and changed into my black Jordan shorts and a black t-shirt. After I finished tying my lebrons, I started to walk to the gym but coach Howard stopped me. "Hey August, let me see you in my office for a minute." I sighed and followed him to his office. Once we sat down he was just grinning at me. "So, we've had another undefeated season, and we're on our way to the playoffs once again. It's time to give out awards son." He said. I put my head in my hands. I really don't want him to give me MVP when Prod works so hard. He really deserves it. "For MVP I wanna give it to you again. You have carried our team-" I interrupted him saying "Coach I think you should give it to Craig. I mean he really deserves to-" "Are you saying you don't want to get MVP?" I shook my head no. "You're the star of this team. YOU deserve it. Now get out there." He said smiling at me and patting my shoulder. I sighed and we went into the gym.

(After practice)

I hopped in the car with Ray and his girlfriend Zonnique. She was looking at me like I was some damn food. The hell? Once they dropped me at home, I took a long shower and laid on the bed with my laptop. I got on and started to make a new status. This the only place I can really be myself. I thought as I typed:

"I just want to be myself. Anyone in the mood to talk?"

I pushed enter and saw I had a new friend request from 'Unseen18'. I accepted and looked at her last status.

"I hate being invisible."

I chatted her.

LuckyNumberSeven: I wish I was invisible :/

Unseen18: no you don't.

LuckyNumberSeven: I really do, life would be a lot easier.

Unseen18: that's probably what you think. But why the name?

LuckyNumberSeven: it's just my jersey number, my lucky number.

Unseen18: You play a sport?

LuckyNumberSeven: Yeah, basketball unfortunately.

Unseen18: why unfortunately?

LuckyNumberSeven: I don't like basketball like I used to. I don't like all the attention I get because of it.

Unseen18: you must be popular..

LuckyNumberSeven: TOO popular. Everybody's all over me.

Unseen18: At least you have more than a few friends.

LuckyNumberSeven: Yeah I guess. Why YOUR name?

Unseen18: No one sees me. Simple.

I heard my mom call me down for dinner. Damn. I actually really like talking to this girl.

LuckyNumberSeven: Aye I'm sorry but I gotta go. Chat me sometime ok?

I closed my laptop and went downstairs for dinner.


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