Chapter 2

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"Hey Em's, Kevin's gone." I yelled again pointing to the place were Kevin was once standing. I was totally irresponsible! What was I thinking, I feel like a complete idiot!

What am I suppose to say to my parents when I get back home in two weeks.

"Oh sorry mum I kind of lost Kevin at a OneDirection Concert with millions of people everywhere!" I am about to loose it. Litterly.

My eyes flash the crowd nervously checking to find a red balloon, anywhere. It was like the whole world stopped. I was now blocking out reality and the only sound I could hear was the pounding of my heart.

Snap out of it! I screamed at myself. I closed my eyes and started running. But, I was stopped by a tug on my arm.

"Erica, stop! The concerts almost over. I'm sure he just had to use the bathroom or something."

"No, this isn't like him Emily! I have to find him, like now!" I tore from her firm grasp and pushed my way through the crowd running to the exit.

I finally found the exit and slammed the door open and found my self outside cold and exhausted.

Still breathing heavily I fell to the ground on the side of the curb and started to cry. He was gone and I had to face it, the cold hard truth. But, no I was going to fight for it. I'm going to find Kevin by myself.

Then, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and wiped the tears from my face.

"Hey um...miss?" A heavy British accent asked. I looked up to see Zayn Mailk still holding onto my shoulder. ZAYN MALIK WAS HOLDING MY SHOULDER!!!

I blinked several times to snap out of this dream. I even pinched my stomach with my other free hand. This sure was not a dream.

CRAP! That means Zayn Malik just caught me in the middle of a melt down. My body trembled all over. It wasn't that I was scared or anything, it was the fact that I was actually seeing Zayn Malik in person!

Then I knew I had to answer him. Gosh!!! He probably thinks I'm a deer stuck in head lights staring at him!

"Ye- sss???" I choked out stuttering. I could feel the nervousness burning in my throat. I just can't get over the fact that its really him! ZAYN MALIK! Ok I'm totally fan girling, get back to reality.

"Um, do you need help with anything? A glass of water or maybe you just need to lay down for a bit. You look really shook up."

Shook up? I said in my head over and over. No, I am not going to be that supper sico path that faints in front of One Direction. Heck no.

I took a deep breath and said, "Hey, your Zayn Malik right?" I smiled pretending that I wasn't completely obsessed. Who was I kidding this was tottallyyyyy Zayn Malik!! And I was completely obsessed!

"Yes, and who might you be?" He asked as we walked around the building arms linked.

"I'm Erica Lee Tucker, age seventeen, volleyball player, Directioner, you know that kind of girl that might faint when she sees a completely hot famous guy talking to her? Well that would be me right now."

HOLY MACREL!!!! WORD VOMIT! I just totally admitted that I knew him and I'm a huge stalker! I blew it and I knew it. And why am I such a freak!?

"We'll Erica, you haven't fainted yet. And you know that kind of hot girl that stutters and is completely word vomiting with out even knowing it and seems so into this guy that she might faint but we all know she's strong enough to just talk to him. He's just a normal guy, am I right?"

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