Chapter 2

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Author's POV

As a 29 year old grown man, Roman could probably count on one hand the amount of times he had actually been rendered speechless in his life. But 27 year old Angela Lee had him feeling like a little kid again. Angela was stunning, no breathtaking. She had long black silky hair that even Roman must admit could compete with his. She was wearing light makeup, making it obvious that she was a natural beauty. He paid close attention to her well manicured hands and slowly took in her ensemble. It was a simple black dress and a pair of black stilettos. It probably did not even cost her 100 bucks, but she made it look elegant and expensive. His eyes slowly trailed back up her body, lingering on her full luscious lips, before finally meeting her eyes.

Roman found himself wondering what nationality she was. His mind continued to wander before he realized Judy was calling his name. Roman snapped out of his mini trance and found Angela and Judy staring at him strangely. He cleared his throat & sat up completely straight in his chair. He straightened his tie before dismissing Judy. He offered Angela a seat, which she gladly accepted.

"Mrs. Lee?" He questioned.

"Ms. actually but please call me Angie".

He stared at her intently before continuing.

"Okay Ms. Lee..."

"What a prick." She thought.

"I took a look at your resume and I see that you obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and you have three Masters Degrees, which is very impressive. And it says here that you also previously worked for Proctor & Gamble (P&G). I want to know what lead you to this career path? What are some short term and/or long term goals you have? And what made you leave P&G? Also I want to learn more about you. Tell me who is exactly Angela Lee."

"Well Mr. Reigns, I attended the University of Florida. I was an undeclared major for about the first two months until I decided to major in Business. I graduated in 2010 with a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration. I had a couple of internship opportunities, but I opted to go to grad school instead. So I stayed in Florida and attended Hough Graduate School of Business, where I received my Masters in Information Systems and Operations Management. That only took a year. But I felt having a few more aces in the hole to really make me stand out & build knowledge wouldn't hurt. So I elected to receive my Master's of Science in Finance and then I finished with a Master's of International Business".

"Why international business?" He asked.

"I felt it would give me more knowledge about global business. Learning different marketing techniques for different countries. Plus I was able to travel abroad. The first semester we went to Barcelona and the second semester we went to Cambodia, which i absolutely loved because my home, Thailand, is nearby. On my days off, I would hop on a plane and be there within an hour. It was nice sightseeing and just seeing my family again, so i was definitely thankful for the opportunities it gave me".

"Wow Thailand. I would have never guessed".

"Yeah. That's where my dad is from. My mom is originally from Boston, but her side of the family is mixed with a little of everything. So I have a little Italian, Filipino, and German in me. Probably among other nationalities."

"No Samoan," He asked slightly amused.

Chuckles lightly. "Nope. No Samoan. So I'm pretty sure we aren't related". She replied jokingly.

Roman looked at her weirdly for a few seconds. Unable to decipher the look he was giving her, Angie looked down at her hands nervously and Roman went back to the stonefaced Roman he was at first.

"Moving on Ms. Lee..."

"Please Roman I insist you call me Angie. Ms. Lee is so formal."

Roman glared at her menacingly before speaking.

"Let's get one thing clear, It's Mr. Reigns to you. This is a place of business. None of my employees call me by my first name and I surely do not call them by theirs. Because just as you stated 'Ms. Lee is so formal' and 'Angie' is very much informal and informal is not how I run things. Do I make myself clear Ms. Lee? "

"Good". He replied not even giving her a chance to respond.

"Now please, do continue."

Angie was slightly appalled by Roman. He was very intimidating and she felt that he loved making those around him feel weak. However, she learned a long time ago to never show weakness. So instead of letting him know that he affected her, she simply uncrossed and then recrossed her legs before continuing on.

She told him about her time working at P&G the last two years and how after awhile the work became redundant to her and she felt stagnant. This in turn contributed to her decision to resign at the end of February. Angie's ultimate goal was to become a fashion designer and hopefully even own her own company one day. She felt that all of her business knowledge would assist in making that dream become a reality. This is why when her best friend Layla called her about moving to Seattle for a job at RDE she couldn't resist. She knew about the Art Institute of Seattle, and she knew it would be the perfect school to help further her education. So she packed up her apartment and left her home state of Florida to move to Seattle.

After she finished answering all of his questions, she decided to let 'Mr. Reigns' know exactly how much of an asset she was and would be to his company.

"Also Mr. Reigns, while working for P&G, I was involved in many of the financial aspects of the company. I helped negotiate many favorable deals that saved them over $50,000 within my first five months of working there. So I could be much help to you if you ever needed my assistance with your finances. Also, I have a great eye for design and I know you are very hands on with your company. If you ever need help constructing blueprints or anything of that nature then let me know". She stated confidently.

Roman simply stared at Angie trying to choose his words wisely. Help with his finances? Help constructing blueprints? He wanted to tell her that his finances were just fine, which is the main reason why he has had the top company in the world the past few years. And he definitely did not need any help with his blueprints. He was very irritated by Angie and he hated the affect she was having on him. He hated how she did not seem intimidated by him at all. All of his employees feared him and it irked him that she did not. He also hated how confident she was while speaking to him as if she was some sort of an asset to RDE. His company that he built with his bare hands. He also hated how attracted he was to her. He could not help but to be. She was so beautiful and it made him sick. It was so much that he wanted to say to her. He wanted to make her quit and cry all the way back to Florida. But instead he stood up, shook her hand, and simply said "Welcome aboard".

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