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Your small figure ran through the city, a small backbag behind your back.

"I'm sorry!"

Your soft voice shouted at the people who you accidentally pushed away.
After some minutes of running you came to the place you've been searching.

The house of the Arclights.


Every second day, you would visit the Arclights, mostly to play with Michael and Thomas.

Knock, knock.

You swayed back and forth as you waited for someone to open the door.


Christopher opened the door immediately, his eyes quickly looked down at you and smiled.

"Hello (Y/n). Come in."

"Thank you Christopher!"

You went in and took your shoes out and put them neatly to the other shoes.

"Where are Thomas and Michael?"

"Upstairs in their room."

You nodded and ran quickly upstairs to their room.

"Thomas, Michael, can I come in?"

Some movements could be heard behind the door and a few seconds after that Thomas voice could be heard.

"Yeah come in!"

You stood on your toes to open the door and walked then in.

"Good morning!"

"Morning, (Y/n)-chan."

Thomas and Michael were sitting on the floor, duel cards, books and some papers were scattered on the floor.

"What were you two doing?"

"I was drawing!"

"I was just looking at some duel cards."

You smiled as you saw Michael's happy face. He was a real cutie.

"Hey I have an idea! Let's draw what we want to be in the future!"

Michael seemed even happier at the idea. He quickly went to draw something while Thomas didn't seemed to like the idea.

"That sounds boring.."

You pouted and hugged him softly.



Michael finished his picture first, then Quattro and at least you.
While you all were drawing, Christopher came and watched you three, interested in what you want to be in the future.

"So, what do you want to be Michael?"

"I want to be a princess!"

"...And you Thomas?"

Thomas smiled and showed his picture to Christopher.

"I want to become a great duelist!"

Christopher smiled at that and looked over at you.

"I want to...marry someone and have kids someday!"

You blushed and looked down, Thomas voice startled you.

"Then I'll marry you someday!"

"Yeah, someday."

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