The Date Swappers

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To think that he thought a pub would be a place to take the girl he was dating! And there I was on his pale arm as he took me around showing me off like a first place trophy to his friends. I pulled at the hem of my short skirt and gave each one a small wave. The entire situation screamed sleazy! The ambience, the peanut coats all over the floor like a thick layer of crunchy dust. It reminded me of The Love Song of Alfred Prufock;

'Of restless nights in one-night cheap hotels

And sawdust restaurants with oyster-shells:'

He'd brought me to a pub. This was his idea of Classy?

"How's my chocolate princess doing?"

The bartender gave me a head nod, I'm not entirely sure why. I looked away and focused on the swarm of people we were soon to be engulfed into. The pub was deep and I noticed that I was unfortunately one of the few black people there. In fact I'm pretty sure I was the ONLY black girl there.

"Great," I mumbled.

He wrapped his right arm around my waist, and placed a sloppy kiss on my cheek.nothing but the best for my babe." He slurred. I caught a whiff of strong liquor and an abuse of aftershave.

Sebastian reeked of rum. It's just kept getting worse, oh God. I mean, what the hell was I doing? He wasn't handsome enough to outweigh his boorish characteristics.

It was a shame too, he was my perfect ideal of what I wanted in a boyfriend;not black, med school bound, employed, super sexy,popular and blah di blah blah.

Be careful of what you ask for. Sigh.

"Babe you're so sexy." His hand rubbed my belly, caressed my flesh through my camisole until it made me sick to my stomach.

Why was I still with him?

"Kay," he purred and stroked my chin with a crooked finger, "I heard black girls are kinky."

I thought of his recent ex and turned my face from his finger, "you would know."

By that time I was screaming at myself to grow some balls and walk away. Mr. Harvard Bound had to be the slimiest guy I'd come into yet, no amount of sexiness could save him. I had to find a way out and quick!

My savior peeked up from the table Sebastian stumbled into. The guy with the neat locs peered at me with pretty hazel eyes and light brown skin, he exchanged a fist pound with Sebastian and the other guys exchanged greetings as well.

Meanwhile the cogs in my mind started to grind.


A/N: there are a ton of errors because I composed this on my iPhone. I'm bored and need to entertain myself while at the hospital you guys. I know I upload a lot of stuff...but honestly? I can't help it. That's who I be!

Oh and I made the book over on my phone too. It's not like boss or anything but in pretty damn proud if it :)

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