I'm legit.
I'm younger than 30.
I'm a woman.
I am foreeeeeeever in school.
My skin is dark.
I'm a romantic.
I'm waiting to feel and be my age, lol.
^all you need to know.

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Whadya still doin heah kid? SCRAP! GET OUTTA HEAH YA VARMIT!
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RoryBaptiste RoryBaptiste 15 hours ago
Forgive me for not responding back to messages, comments, etc. It's mostly because I'm too lazy to go through them and partly because I haven't uploaded anything in a while, plus life is getting real...
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Description: Call it prose. Call it poetry. Call it hastily written words. Whatever you call it...enjoy it. Be saddened by it. Learn from it. Embrace it. Bask in it. These are words written by one woman for all women. Y...

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