I still love you

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  • Dedicated to my baby that drives me crazy

Baby i never understand where the hell we go wrong,

I always feel weak,

I know that your always strong.

we make mistakes,

that we've made before,

I slap you around,

you bite nad call me a whore.

it's not healthy what we do,

 but we don't have a choice,

cos babe without you i'm nothing,

you give me my voice.

baby I hate your guts ,

in the time you love mine,

is there any hope for us both,

or can we just not read the signs.

even though most times we fight,

one of us feels like throwing a knife,

to go deep in the others head,

just to kill us both, horribly dead.

cos you and me are like dynamite,

we always light up the room,

one second we're boiling scorching hot,

and the nex we've gone KABOOM!

but you know for a fact,

that i'll always take you back,

you know that i'm mostly a bitch,

but it's only cos your a prick.

I know that sometimes you feel as though,

that your stuck with a little ho,

but i've heard you admit it,

back when we were in a good bit,

those three little words,

that stick you to me like glue,

those three little words: I love you.

now I know we're love/hate,

but babe your my true mate,

the one I will stand by,

even when you make me cry.

so at the end of this verse,

you know our love is a curse,

but it will always stand true,

cos babe you know it's only you.

I love you

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