Chapter 2

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Izuku: Do you want me to take you home Kyoka?

Kyoka: I'd love for you to Izuku. Would you like to listen to my music while we walk?

Izuku: Sure Kyoka!

Kyoka: Here's a earbud.

Izuku: Thanks!

The two walk to Kyoka's house holding hands listening to music.

Kyoka: Well here we are. Mom, dad I'm back! And I brought my boyfriend with me!

Kyotoku: Kyoka dear are you hurt?! That psycho hurt you really bad didn't he?

Kyoka: Dad I'm fine. Chiyo and Inko took good care of me. I'm just a little tired and sore now.

Kyotoku: I'm so glad you're doing better dear. And you must be Izuku Midoriya. Thank you so much for rushing Kyoka to the nurse both times she was hurt badly.

Izuku: Your welcome Mr Jiro.

Kyotoku: Call me Kyotoku Izuku. As long as you're dating Kyoka you're family.

Izuku: Thank you so much Mr Kyotoku!

Kyotoku: Let me go get Mika. I know she'll want to meet you. She's practicing in our music room. I'll be back in a minute.

Izuku: Your dad's really nice Kyoka.

Kyoka: Yeah he's pretty cool.

Mika: You must be Izuku! Kyoka talks about you all the time. She was so sad when you went on your trip. I'm so glad you're dating each other.

Kyoka: Mom enough already. You're embarrassing me.

Mika: I'm sorry Kyoka. I'm just so happy for you. So what delicious food did Izuku bring you this time?

Kyoka: Oh it was amazing! It was called jewel meat and it shines light! Each bite tasted like a different cut of meat! Then we had a sherbet apple! It was an apple filled with sherbet! It was all so tasty!

Mika: That sounds amazing Kyoka! Izuku thank you for sharing such wonderful food with Kyoka.

Izuku: Anytime Mrs Mika! I love sharing with Kyoka!

Mika: I'm glad to hear that.

Kyoka: Hey Izuku would you like to stay over so we can spend some time together?

Izuku: I'd really like that Kyoka! I hope that's fine with your parents.

Mika: You're welcome anytime Izuku.

Izuku: Thanks Mrs Mika! What do you want to do Kyoka?

Kyoka: Would you like to play some instruments together?

Izuku: I don't know how to play any.

Kyoka: That's okay I can teach you. Come on let's go to my room.

Izuku: Sure thing Kyoka! Wow you've got a nice room Kyoka! There are so many different kinds of instruments! Can you play all of them?

Kyoka: Yeah I know how to play them all, but I'm best on bass.

Izuku: That's really cool Kyoka! So what are we going to start with?

Kyoka: I was thinking electric guitar. Does that sound good to you Izuku?

Izuku: Yeah! Anything's fine with me!

A few hours later.

Kyoka: You're getting the hang of this real quick Izuku!

Izuku: Thanks! I have the best teacher!

Kyoka: *Giggles* Thanks Izuku! You're a good student!

Mika: Kyoka Izuku dinners ready!

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