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Mio was at soccer practice at school as he was Training for an upcoming tournament that was gonna be in a whole new state

He was ready for it as he was excited for it as well...

But when he was done with training coach told him there was someone waiting for him.....

Once I went to figure out who it was a it was an orphanage agent....she had told me that my parents had passed away in a car accident.... I was now a lonely kid without my parents.....i felt devastated about this I was shocked

"W-what?" I thought I didnt hear that correctly, "They're dead!"

I could see in the orphanage agent was feeling bad for me with the way her face was expressing

"Am-am I just gonna be alone now?", " whose gonna take care of me now?" I doubted there was any family member that I know, or they know me as I know that my parents died... They weren't my real parents I knew that

And the family members of my now dead parents never liked me, if anything they wouldn't loved the fact if I was never adopted by them

And plus this was a really bad timing as well for them to get killed.... There was an upcoming tournament and they were gonna miss it and if I was sad from then being dead... I was just gonna make my soccer team lose the tournament

And I wasnted ready to let that happen and I knew I was just gonna have to leave the club.....

"Hey, hey calm down"
, the orphanage agent had said.
"There's also some good news, you can either go in an orphanage....which I think is not the best idea because most of the orphanages has favourites....or you could go stay with a few family members from... How do I say this...uhmm your biological family"
the orphanage agent said

I was confused on why those were the only 2 options...i didn't want to stay with my biological family members because they just decided to leave me on a doorstep when I was born...
And the orphanage problem basically spoke for itself

"Why are those the only 2 options!"
I was man and annoyed that those were the only 2 options and I personally think it obviously showed

"And why would they!
, they meaning my biological family.
"actually decide to let me stay with them! They threw my away once I was born! Can't I just stay with a friend?"
I just had to ask because I didn't want to be in a orphanage and I also didn't want to be my biological family because of what they did

The orphanage agent started to speak.
"Hears some good new for you I'm guessing.... Your biological mother is dead... And your father is not in any of your siblings life!"
she forced a smile on

"I have siblings!"
I was surprised a whole lot

"Yes, you indeed do! You want the files?"

I wasn't sure if I wanted the files, I was hesitant but I decided to take them as I nodded "yea"

She handed me 3 files and so I was thinking that I had 3 siblings

*Name: Andrew Joseph Minyard*

dob: November 4 1986 (19 yo)

Sex: Male

Height: 5'0 (152.4cm)

Occupation: Palmetto state University

Tilda Minyard (biological mother) (dead)
Aaron Minyard (twin brother) (alive)
Luther Hemmick (uncle) (alive)
Maria Hemmick (aunt) (alive)
Nicky Hemmick (cousin) (alive)

*Full Name: Aaron Micheal Minyard*

dob: November 4 1986 (19 yo)

Sex: Male

Height: 5'0 (152.4cm)

Occupation: Palmetto state University

Tilda Minyard (biological mother) (dead)
Andrew Minyard (twin brother) (alive)
Luther Hemmick (uncle) (alive)
Maria Hemmick (aunt) (alive)
Nicky Hemmick (cousin) (alive)

*Full Name: Nicholas Esteban Hemmick*

dob: May 23, 1983 (23 yo)

Sex: Male

Height: 5'10-5'11 (1.77m and 1.80m

Occupation: Palmetto state University

Luther Hemmick (father) (alive)
Maria Hemmick (mother) (alive
Tilda Minyard (aunt) (dead)
Aaron Minyard (cousin) (alive)
Andrew Minyard (cousin) (alive)

When I looked when looked through all of the files there was also a picture for all all of them, 2 of them looked the exact same and so I immediately knew they were twins and then the 3rd picture made me doubt a little but I didn't care, I was just kinda happy that I had family members that most likely didn't know about me

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