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Really, she couldn't be after the text message she received from the girl. Apparently, Bella was still hanging around the reservation with Jacob, but she promised she would help the younger girl when she could.

So, with her biology textbook and notebook in her clutches, she asked Edward to drop her off at the local diner in town. He'd looked at her with soft skepticism, oblivious to the amount of progress she'd made in his absence until he looked at the thoughts she was projecting in her mind.

He had no more questions then, simply dropping her off with a promise of collecting her when she called. Which is how Augustine found herself seated in a booth at the diner, notes sprawled on the table and a plate of fries to her right. The waitress was a nice woman who let her do her work in peace, failing to notice that the girl wasn't actually eating the food; rather, the ravenette was inconspicuously placing the fries into her bag to make it seem like she was eating.

Sure, it didn't help the the waitress just kept bringing more fries, her bag soon drowning in them. And ignoring the fact that she knew her bag would smell like fry grease for days, her strategy seemed to work flawlessly.

Biology was never her favourite subject, because she'd always been more of a chemistry girl when she was just a human in Alaska. Now, she was struggling to identify the parts of a frog and their functions from the dissection she was supposed to do, but didn't given the fact that she was abroad. Her teacher was making her really work for her grade, claiming "travelling is no excuse, Miss Cullen." Yeah, what a dick.

As she was busily scribbling in her notebook, practically memorizing the anatomy of the stupid frog in her textbook, a body slid into the seat across from her. Looking up, she guessed she was too absorbed in her own work to clock in the smell of evergreen that entered the diner.



He looked nervous, and it made Augustine lean back in suspicion. "Come to bother me, Lahote?" she asked, watching as he dropped his own backpack into the space beside him.

He dug his hand into his bag, finishing out a few loose papers and slid them her way. "This is me, owing you one."

Taking a peak at the papers, her eyes widened as she grabbed them hastily. Based on the poorly drawn cartoon frog in the margin on the front page and the contents within, she was filled with sudden recognition. "Is this—"

"Bella said you were working on a frog dissection assignment," he responded with a shrug. "Figured it wouldn't be too different from the one I did last year."

Her mouth opened and closed comically, not sure what to say. Paul had just handed over his old assignment, and the questions on the front page alone mimicked the questions she was assigned to complete. She shook her head, clearing her thoughts before she asked, "you know Bella?"

Paul's mouth was pulled into a grin. "Loosely. We talk sometimes."

"Since when do you and Bella talk?" her nose shrivelled up, and although she hated it, she recognized the feeling that bubbled in her chest as jealousy. Gross.

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