For A Beautiful Heart. A Beautiful Soul. A Beautiful Girl.

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Dear Zee, 

    Listen, everything I'm about to tell you is 100% true, so don't say it's not. We can ask alot of people and I'm positively sure they will agree. Mmkay? Mmkay. Girl, you are beautiful. You have a beautiful heart, a beautiful soul, and you're an all over out beautiful girl. You are so kind, intelligent, amazing, more than words can explain. Stop, if you are disagreeing with me stop reading this, go look in front of a mirror, don't just look, realize. You need to realize how beautiful you are. You need to realize how beautiful your hair is, your eyes, your smile, your everything you are beautiful! You aren't hiding behind makeup, you are being yourself, you are beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful! You have a kind and beautiful heart to go with that beautiful face of yours. You are so nice to me, even when we barley even talk or hangout. You are so nice to people, and you are always helping out. You are always there for whoever needs it. Whenever someone is going to fall you are there to catch them, and that's a blessing. I wish that I could be as kind, and as loving towards people like you are. There's never a time that I hear or see you being rude to anyone who doesn't deserve it, and even when people do deserve it you aren't even rude to them. You are blessed Zee. You are really blessed! Don't let me get started on how intelligent you are. You are very intelligent, you are so intelligent that you can give me some and you'll still have more than you need. xD. Don't believe me? Go and re-read some of the stuff you wrote, the words you use, just show how smart you are. I honestly wish I can use words like that, and actually understand them. You are so smart, you are so so smart. Look at your grades. Ask your teachers. Ask anybody, you are so smart. You're beautiful, kind, caring, smart, everything! You're true, you're true to people who probably arent true to you. You are just such a great friend. You are a great everything. You're Zahraa, and you're great at being you. You're the best at it. Don't let anyone tell you different. You're amazing!


Thankyou so much for being there for me all the time. Thankyou so much for helping me build up my self esteem all over again, thankyou for having my back and actually caring about whats going on with me. Zahraa, you are not a b*tch! You really aren't. You ARE Beautiful. You ARE amazing. You really are. You wanna know why? Because now and days, in this world, do you see hardly anybody helping someone out when there sad, or them being the reason to why that person is sad? All the time, you're helping people out, like you are helping me out. I'm grateful to have someone like you Zahraa, who cares about me, who helps me get through these hard times. Thankyou so much Zahraa, thankyou so much. And if you ever need anything, I promise i'll try my very best to help you, with everything I got! If you need someone to hangout with at lunch, hey I'm there. If you just need someone to talk to, im there. You can trust me because all you ever did for me was good. A good person, deserves good things in return, and I'll try to make that possible. Thankyou Zahraa, so much. I love you very much.



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