Time Keeper Vector Prime

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-comm speech-

Optimus approached the group of humans and Landmine, "Landmine, thank Primus you are alright."

Landmine laughed heartily, "You can thank my young ones here. They literally saved my life."

Optimus kneeled down, "Hello little ones. We are in your debt. Thank you for saving my friend."

Coby beamed, "No problem. I am Coby."

Bud grinned, "Landmine is really cool. Hi, I am Bud."

Lori looked around, "And my name is Lori. Who are you all?"

Optimus smiled at them, "My name is Optimus Prime. I am the leader of the Autobots. This is my team. You have already met Landmine, of course."

Landmine, "Once again, thank you for healing me."

Hotshot transformed, "The name is Hotshot and I am the fastest scout you will meet."

Coby, "Is that so, hot stuff?"

Hotshot grinned, "Totally so."

Scattershot, "Yeah, yeah, enough bragging. Hello there. The name is Scattershot. I am the Sniper of this group."

Bud, "Cool! Nice to meet you."

Red Alert turned to them after checking on Landmine, "Hello, my name is Red Alert. I am the security officer of this group and emergency field medic. I must say children, I am very impressed. You did a good job taking care of Landmine."

Lori nudged Coby, "Hear that?"

Bud grinned, "You could totally become their Doctor."

Coby laughed, "I am just happy I could heal him. I was worried I would not be able to help him."

Jetfire landed, "The name is Jetfire and are you sure about this Optimus?"

Overhaul pulled up next to the flyer, "Aye! Calm down Jetfire. I am sure things will work out."

Vector Prime appeared then and stared at them, "You three children."

Coby, "Hello there."

Vector Prime, "Apologies, my name is Vector Prime. It's just the three of you are gifted, aren't you?"

Bud, "Gifted? I guess that's one way to say it."

Optimus, "Gifted? What do you mean Vector Prime?"

Coby, "I think I might have an idea."

Lori, "You want to tell them?"

Coby, "Yes, I mean, they don't look like bad people."

Bud, "Really Coby? Really?"

Coby, "Eh! Why not?"

Vector Prime, "You can trust us."

Coby, "Right then. The three of us are what humans call Witches and Warlocks."

Lori piped in, "Wiccans for short."

Scattershot, "Wait! Wait! Wait! You are Witches and Warlocks like you can use magic Witches and Warlocks?"

Bud, "Yup!"

Hotshot kneeled down, "That is really cool. Does this mean you can create this magic well that can grant wishes?"

Coby laughed, "No, no, no one can create a wishing well. Powerful and magical artifacts like those appear when magic has gathered around a really old well. You should avoid such places though."

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