07| Engagement Evening

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Feeling upset after being embarrassed in front of everyone at the castle, I head back to my room. I flop down on the fluffy skirt of my dress, thinking things have gotten out of control.

I never wanted to marry this stuck-up, arrogant prince. I don't care about his fancy title; I just know he'll treat me disrespectfully and make me feel terrible about my past.

This union, painted as a pursuit of prosperity for the kingdom, disregards my yearning for a genuine connection. Love doesn't seem to matter at all. My future is at stake, a future that should be mine to choose.

I didn't get to choose my abusive father, but marrying a decent man should be my choice. Yet, it is slipping away, traded for wealth and social standing.

I cover my face with my hands and let out a sigh. It's just too much to handle.

Mom, why did you marry him? What did you see in him? Leaving royalty for him is unbelievable. He must have been a manipulator back then.

After a few hours in my room, I take a short nap. Can't figure out why I feel so exhausted. All thanks to mother goddess's natural gift.

Grace knocks on my door, ready to escort me to choose an engagement dress, following Her Majesty's instructions.

Entering the room where royal clothes are meticulously kept, 15 to 20 dresses stand in line, each uniquely styled for display. They exude timeless elegance with intricate detailing. The blend of colors and thoughtful design elements in these dresses showcases a perfect balance.

Observing Her Majesty with Maliah, discussing a dress, I feel a sense of urgency. Grace whispers in my ear, "Hurry up and choose a good one, Lady Blair. We can't let the best one go to the other princess."

How do I convey her my plan to run away? It'll burst her bubble of excitement.

"Blair," Her Majesty walks toward me, "We were waiting for you. Choose a dress for today's evening; I think a light color will suit you."

"Uh, yes," I glance over the dresses, and a lavender-colored one catches my eye. "I think I'll choose that one in lavender."

"A very quick decision," the queen praises me.

Maliah approaches, expressing her indecision. "Your Majesty, I find myself in a quandary. The forest green dress, while appealing, lacks the grandeur I seek. I aim to set a standard that befits the stature of the monarch"

She pauses, noticing Prince Kaiden passing by. "Prince Kaiden!" her voice gets insanely softened which makes me feel an ick.

She holds him by the arm, guiding him to view all the dresses. "Will you help me choose a dress for our engagement?"

He looks down at her, a skeptical expression on his face, suspecting that this is the reason she called him here. It's an are-you-serious gaze, I know.

"You should help her out. Which one do you like?" Her Majesty interjects, attempting to involve him in the dress selection.

Prince Kaiden scans the dresses for a moment, having a conflicted facial expression.

"That purple one."

"The one beside yellow?" Her Majesty seeks clarification.

"No, the one beside green." Prince Kaiden clarifies. I observe his apparent eagerness to conclude this affair.

It dawns on me that he might have been meant to practice sword fighting, yet here he is, participating in the selection of a dress for his... bride.

Prince Kaiden notices me observing him, prompting me to swiftly redirect my gaze toward the dresses.

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