03| Castle

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I was sixteen when I first realized there was something serious going on with my father.

It was four years ago. Just the year when my mom died.

No, draw a blank. It should be—just the year when my mom was assassinated.

It's time that I stumble down the carriage, from a little height. It's hard to maintain steadiness when you're wearing a chemise, upon which you wear one or more ankle-to-floor length tunics called gowns.

"Darn it!" I cuss, roaming my eyes at the prints of mud designed all around my gown.

"Would I get avocados here to eat?" Mason asks in a small voice, climbing off the carriage by slowly sliding down until his foot perceived the faintest touch of the ground.

I roll my eyes. I told him this place is famous for its production, still he has been asking this same thing in different forms.

If I had money, I'd lay them down wagering avocados are the only thing Mason agreed to come here with us for.

"Very congenial and amusing design, where's that from?" I hear a voice from behind.

I turn around and the appearance of that blonde-haired man comes into my view, he's standing in front of me, holding the cover of the sword on his waist.

I cross my arms on my chest, "Pardon me, sir?"

A smirk touches his lips, "Call me Alden, my lady. I'm the prince, son of the late great Dax Barclay."

Oh, so this is him? King Ronan's younger brother's son.

Before I could say something, we hear a splash from behind.

I look over my shoulder at Mason who just made a jump in mud to ruin my dress more.

"Sorry" he takes his sign and runs away, splashing some more mud on my dress.

I huff and turn my gaze back at Alden. "May I know where Noah is? Noah Cecil?" I ask, feeling an unexplainable elation.

It's been nine years since I haven't seen him. The only person from this castle that I used to know, or be close with was him.

He definitely used to get my hackles to rise.

"How do you know him?" Prince Alden asks me.

Why can't he just answer what I asked him? "I know him since we were kids. He's like a big brother to me" I say, smilingly.

He nods, "If he isn't gone to spear the enemies with lances, he must be inside the sunroom"

I give him an unsatisfied look. He gives me a small frown, "Right side of the great hall, fourth room"

I grin, on my way to let out some forced words, "I appreciate your help, you really saved my day, Prince Alden"

Within a few minutes, I see myself wandering around this castle.

It's spacious, elegant, and well-maintained. I bet even the area of land of the village I just came from is nothing in front of the land this whole castle covers.

Even my favorite glad rags are ruined.

"Oh my goodness," a voice stops me on my track and I stand stunned, looking at Her Majesty walking her way towards me in her royal, full-length elegant gown matched with heavy gold pieces of jewelry, "Baby? I mean, Blair, if I recall skipping all slip-ups, you're Robert Wettin's daughter Blair"

I bow my head to her, "You're precisely on the mark, her majesty"

"My lord" her lovely green eyes warmed, "You've become so beautiful with time, all grown up woman. It's been ages since I last saw you"

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