✧ 𝟎𝟒𝟖: Birthday ✧

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➬ ✧ 𝟎𝟒𝟖: Birthday

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➬ ✧ 𝟎𝟒𝟖: Birthday


4 August meant that it was Maisie's birthday. She was turning 23 today!

And her day began with Lando waking her up,



"great sleep?"

"yeah but where were you? and since when are you awake?" Maisie demanded knowing that they usually woke up about the same hour

"i was in the kitchen and i woke up like an hour ago"

"okay weird of you but okay. Now i guess i have to wake up"

"yes! i'm waiting for you downstairs!" Lando smiled at her and kissed her cheek before leaving the bedroom and so leaving the girl alone. Confused.

He seemed really happy?

Maisie got up from the bed and quickly took a shower, just her body since she washed her hair yesterday. Once the shower done she got dressed and finally went downstairs to the kitchen where she saw Lando, waiting with his phone and a tray with food just in front of him.

"what is this?"

"your breakfast. I wanted to make something but i know i'll burn the house down so i just bought that" He smiled as he approached the girl "and also happy birthday"

"you're so cute. Thank you" The girl smiled back and engulfed him into a hug

"it's just the beginning"

"the beginning? the beginning of what?"

"of this incredible day for you obviously! But first we should eat"

"you planned something?" She asked with a laugh and as an answer he just nodded before dragging her to where the chairs where, they then ate together as they talked but the girl was just thinking about today, what Lando could have planned?

"what are you thinking about?" He asked her seeing her confused-thinking face

"i'm thinking about what we are going to do today? i'm scared of what you planned. And how many things have you planned? And why do you seem so happy about it an-"

"okay shut up you're asking too many questions. Don't worry about it and i know you'll like it so relax" He cut her off and couldn't help but laugh at her

"hey it's not funny! i just want to know"

"yeah i got it. Lucky for you we're going to 'get' the first surprise now"

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