SCP-1765 x Male OC

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Journal Note:

(Hello. My name is Francis Licht, a research assistant for Dr. Mohammad Scott, currently...I have no idea how old I am, but I think it must be very old, along with the others. In case anyone finds my well as in case the 3 others die, I want to leave something behind, which I hope remains intact and safe for anyone to read this. If all of you are rather unsure of what this site is all about, I'll do my best to explain it to you.

       In 1964, there was a massive dead sea creature that washed up on the shore of Indian/Bangladeshi border. The Foundation, due to some problems with one of their sites, being the 19th one, could not study the body without being seen. So they loved to Site-13. It is the most grandest and largest site that I have ever seen. I almost thought it is as large as a neighborhood or city. I joined in 1992 after graduating college in getting a doctorate degree and back then, I was only a 21 year old at the time. But then, something terrible happened. In 1993, a sort of bomber used an anomalous object to detonate a sort of bomb in the basement of Manchester Financial Tower in Chicago, causing thousands to die, and the American Government got furious wit the foundation, which lead to President Dole cutting all funds with the foundation, which lead to a dire situation in 1996. But one of Dole's staff members named Paul Manafort, a secretary of the GOC made a deal with the foundation to merge the 2 groups together. Of course the foundation's O5s refused, but we still had trouble containing anomalies, especially with the Dream Whale entity in the sky, which had been leaked across Oregon. Of course, that was the last straw, because the 05 Council had been overthrown by the GOC, with fucking Manafort himself being the one to lead us. And that was...when it all went to hell, began forcing us to kill anomalies, even though this is not what we were meant to do. But I always felt comfortable around Jack Bright, his humorous and immature behavior made me laugh and smile in some ways I never felt before...but he was locked for being framed involving another doctor named Light. I'm not sure what that is all about, but after he had been locked up, Elliot fucking Emerson took hold of Bright's position.

Fuck Emerson, he had made everything even worse than before. Began toying with anomalies and torturing the innocent ones for no reason. He killed them, sent them to the meat grinder and the body pits...even young kid anomalies. God...I can still hear their fucking cries, their screams. I hated him with a fucking vengeance, but I cannot stand up to him even if I want to, and I was forced to watch them die, and not because I want to. The Ethics Committee were powerless, overthrown, one of the researchers were shot in the head, I wonder if I would be next if I simply look at Emerson the wrong way, and he'd kill me. This place is becoming like a Death Camp in WW2. And the anomalies, the ones that can never die...even they began to fear him, even some of the most terrible ones were humbled and frightened of him...especially the sisters.

SCP-1765...I've heard about the trio themselves, said to be composed of 3 sisters, an older, middle, and younger sister, and they were inside of an area...I forgot what foundation site it is, but apparently they made that foundation site their personal playground. But Emerson...he made them their toys. He broke them, used some reality warping machinery to make them suffer, put them inside of cages that warp reality with dials and touch screens and made them his bitches. They suffered, they screamed, they felt like they were about to break, unable to be released from death itself. They became the very experiments they inflicted on the foundation personnel at the site they used as the playground. I wanted to think that they deserve it...but I felt bad for them. As bad as they may have been...Emerson is beyond worse, that shithead. Made the sisters look like mere saints in comparison. And even the ones that brought them here, the Wanderers Library and the Serpent's Hand, even they were at the mercy of Emerson, destroyed the Library and killed as many of rhe Serpent's Hand members as they could, before the remaining Serpent's Hand escaped elsewhere, but not sure where too. It's ironic in 3 layers, for as far as I can tell. The Serpent's Hand's job was taking the supernatural and lock it away from the rest of the world where they can experiment on them and put them under a microscope. Then the Area that they were brought goes under the mercy of the 3 supernatural sister who experiment on them, and now the GOC and the Foundation together are doing the same to them. But even irony in this case is rather cruel.

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