Chapter Twenty-Four ~ Miss Cutie

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Chapter Twenty-four ~ Miss Cutie

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Ava is in the hospital after she suffered from a heart failure and needs a heart transplant, Cooper had been visiting his mother while Ava was in the hospital but he had just received a text from Braxton (Coopers bestfriend) saying their is an available heart donor for Ava. Grace and Braxton are Coopers and Avas bestfriends, Grace is pregnant and Braxton is not gay. Grams is in the hospital after suffering from a mini stroke and has no idea about what else is going on.

Third Person View

Cooper had rushed to get back to the hospital Ava was stationed in as soon as he had received the text message from Braxton about the donor available.

With a quick goodbye to his mother in the Toronto rehab centre where she was currently living for the time being, Cooper rushed to get home to Pine heights. Robin, Cooper's mother, had rushed him out just as quick once he had explained the situation to her.

Robin had taken a quick liking to this girl without even having to meet her, not just because she strongly believed in Coopers judgment skills and liked anyone he liked but because the more Cooper seemed to describe her and moments they shared together, the more she felt connected to this girl- not in a weird way. Robin had easily become fond of this girl and could easily tell why Cooper felt so much for her, more than anyone he ever had.

When Robin rushed Cooper out, it was because she wanted to be able to meet her for herself in the near future for she knew that when she was ready to win this battle, Cooper and her would likely begin a new journey together.

Although Cooper hadn't quite realized as much as his mother had so quickly, he knew he needed to be there for Ava at this time- especially when she couldn't have her family with her.

By the time Cooper had arrived at the hospital, he was in no mood for small talk before seeing Ava because he knew if everything was going as he thought it would be she'd already be awake and prepping for surgery.

That's why when Braxton and Grace had spotted him and immediately tried reaching out to him to speak about something he immediately declined and quickly and told him he needed to see Ava first.

"Cooper, just wait a second would you?" Braxton had said immediately after Cooper pushed past him and Grace towards the hospital elevator to Ava's room.

"I can't, I have to see her first." Cooper snapped back at him without even looking back at him.

"But-"Grace stopped Braxton from chasing after Cooper by grabbing his arm and shaking her head.

"You tried but he's going to have to find out for himself anyways." Grace told Braxton while holding him back from running after Cooper.

"I just think it'd be better for him to find out from his friends." He sighed back to her. Although they were both in a foul mood after receiving new information from the doctors a few hours ago, they still knew how to keep in touch with reality; something Cooper was struggling to do on his own.

By the time Cooper had reached Ava's room he had wasted no time in rushing in to see her, expecting to see her up and prepping for surgery for the new heart that was compatible for her.

But Cooper opened the door to see exactly what he didn't expect, Ava still asleep in her hospital bed with many drugs still pumping themselves into her through the IV.

Obviously Cooper was confused and anybody could tell by the dumbfound look on his face as he scanned the room.

Luckily a doctor passing by the room caught his look of distress and stopped for assistance to him. He wasn't Ava's regular doctor but hopefully he could answer all Cooper's questions just as well as Ava's actual doctor could.

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