Chapter 2 - home

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"So what am I meant to do I just talk this thing about my life?" Sophie says looking at the camera with a questioning look.

"Yea that's all you have to do." Norm says from behind her working on his computer. Sophie sighs.

"Norm do I really have to it's kinda stupid.." she says. Norm groans.

"Yes sophie you have to, it's your 10 years today since jake found you and you made a video when you first came now you need to redo it 10 years later and answer the questions little you asked." Norm says turning his attention back to his computer. Sophie slumps and groans. She looks up at the camera. She grumples and sits up.

"Hi..Uhm my names Sophie Socorro, I am 15 and live amongst the omaticaya people." She turns around and looks at norm with a confused gaze. Norm just nods at her to keep going. She turns back around to face the camera. "Um I have my cousin here with me which is good his name is Miles but we call him spider, Uhm my best friend is Neteyam I met him when Jake found me and ever since then me and him have been best friends, Uhm I still have bolt, he is a lot bigger now from when we were in the forest, Uhm we never ended up finding our parents, Jake thinks that they got killed by one of the na'vi na'vi party's during a raid, but that's okay because the sullys have always made me feel at home and like i belonged, neytiri took a little while to warm up to me but now she treats me like I'm her own. Uhm there is talk of another war and today a na'vi party went out to raid a train I think and they will be back soon, neteyam and Lo'ak being one of them. Oh yea! Uh the sullys are Jake, neytiri, neteyam, neteyams younger brother lo'ak, kiri their adopted daughter of grace I'm still confused about that, then tuk their youngest, I was here when she was born and she is the cutest."  She is cut off by the sound of ikrans screeching . "Their back, got to go bye!" She quickly shuts off the camera and runs out of her chair.

Sophies pov

"Where are you going!!" Norm yells as I reach the sealed door. I quickly grab a mask and slide it onto my face and tighten the straps.

"They are back!!" I call as I push the button to open the door. I step out breathing in my masks oxygen. I rush through the crowd, its easy to just slip through when your half their height or sometimes not even. Suddenly I overhear Jake yelling, as I come into view I see neteyam and lo'ak, neteyam looks hurt. Tuk and kiri rush over, tuk stays with her dad where as kiri goes over to lo'ak making sure he's not hurt.

"Your supposed to be spotters, you spot bogeys and you call them in, from a distance!" Jake says angrily.
I run quickly over to neteyam standing behind him. I look at his wounds that cover his back. I gently place my palm on his back and one on his arm. "Get here!" He points to lo'ak. Lo'ak complies and goes next to neteyam.  "Jesus I let you two geniuses fly a mission and you disobey direct orders!" Jake looks at me.

"Sophie can you go help mo'at with the wounded, please ." He waves his hand directing me.
I frown.

"Neteyam is wounded I-" neteyam cuts me off quickly.

"It's fine." He says before jakes voice overpowers his. I step forward letting go of neteyam.

"Baby girl, please." He looks at me with pleading eyes. "Tuk, kiri, go with her, go." I frown rolling my ryes. Neteyam looks at me giving me reassuring gaze. I sigh. I walk off towards the tent with kiri and tuk, neteyam starts apologising as we walk towards mo'ats tent. As I reach the tent kiri and I start mixing up herb pastes for the wounded and tuk sits down playing with something.

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