An Exciting New Announcement

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Since there isn't any good way to communicate on Wattpad anymore, I'm going to make my announcement here. Let me introduce you to Ream.

You're probably wondering what is Ream?

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You're probably wondering what is Ream?

Here is the low-down.

Ream is a home for authors to connect directly with their readers and deliver endless amazing stories, just for you.

Inside Ream, you aren't just another reader...

You're an extra special member of communities owned and led by the authors you love most.

What can I do on Ream as a reader?

Search for your favorite authors and become members of their Ream.

Inside my Ream you can...

Read my stories in a social eReader that allows you to comment and interact with each paragraph. And belong in communities led and owned by the authors you love. You can connect with fellow fans and share your passion for the stories that keep you up at night (or distracted throughout the day... or both!).

Ream is sort of similar to Patreon, kind of similar to KU, but all-around awesome instead. I wanted to give my readers another option of following and supporting me, and sometimes Amazon doesn't cut it, and Wattpad isn't what it used to be.

So then I stumbled onto Ream.

What's it all about?For one, no annoying ads like some apps/websites. Readers have the ability to adjust the font size, read in sepia and dark mode, and adjust font type. That's pretty cool. Readers can also leave comments on each paragraph and authors can respond to them all in a unified dashboard.

Finally, you can read on the Ream app or on your desktop.

Ream, like Patreon, has ways of supporting authors. For instance, I have a free tier that includes a free book to read as well as other fun extras. I also have three monthly paid tiers with a whole bunch of fun stuff and a ton of extras. Who doesn't want free books and some super cool swag? You can find all the tiers in the comments.

Or copy and paste this link:

If you're an author or aspiring author, I have three tiers dedicated to writing. As a seasoned author and an editor by trade (I've edited nearly 200 books), I have some wisdom to share. So check out Ream. Here is the link. Being a "Following" member won't cost you a thing

And if that wasn't enough news, I've posted my latest hockey romance on Ream. There are some sample chapters for followers, but if you tap into a tier, you'll get to read the whole thing over the next few months!

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