Chapter 1

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"How's the new job at Julian's?"

"I can now make any kind of latte."

"That's cool."

I glanced over at Jake. His blue eyes were trained on the road and when he looked over my heart blipped. For nineteen years we'd been best friends but one look still sent me soaring.

"Do you think people will like me?" I asked.

"Why wouldn't they?"

I shrugged. "You know how it is."

Jake focused back on the road. In less than fifteen minutes I'd be flung into a situation I hated most: meeting new people. I was beyond shy. I could easily retreat to the most secluded corner of any party or family gathering and remain completely invisible.

"A lot of my friends will be there and I want you to get to know them."

"I will." Or I'd try. People didn't exactly gravitate to me.

Jake's phone trilled. Likely Bianca. She couldn't leave him alone for more than five minutes. It was probably killing her that I was with him, but she had an acting gig – yes, Bianca was an aspiring actor. College was something her parents made her do because, like me, they were rooted firmly in reality, and while Bianca had the looks and determination, acting wasn't exactly a long-term career . . . in Minnesota.

"Bianca?" I asked.


He met her at a frat party. She was his dream girl and he lost his mind when she paid him a little attention. He'd landed one of the hottest girls at Western University and he did everything he could to keep her. She ordered him around, made him run her errands and worst of all, he had to boost her overly-inflated ego.

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