He Said | She Said: The Introduction

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Character Review

Vashti and Andrew have been married for more than a decade. They love each other, but they battle with communication and the power dynamic in their marriage. Vashti is a professional writer who gets paid well enough, but wants her partner to elevate his career and become the main breadwinner for their family. Andrew is doing what he can to progress their family business, but can Vashti wait for him to finally have some success or will time run out as she encounters a former love who seems to check all of her boxes? If it were up to her mother and best friend, Vashti would be single. Can she find a way to communicate what she wants to her husband or will temptation from the past pull her away?

Andrew loves Vashti, but the changes in their marriage prove to be overwhelming as he turns to avenues outside of their marriage to satisfy intimate desires. He wants to be the husband that Vashti wants and the father his children needs, but he feels judged and stagnant in their relationship. He wants to do the right thing, but he wonders if his efforts are going unnoticed. When he experiences a change in the business that may financially impact their lives, Andrew struggles with bringing the information to Vashti. After dealing with criticism from his wife and his mother-in-law, Andrew feels defeated. Will he continue to fight for his marriage or will he fold under the pressure and explore life outside of his commitment?

***Content Warning***

This is adult content. It is intended to be consumed by mature adult readers. It is not intended for children or a young adult (YA) audience. Though this is not explicitly sexual, the content does explore experiences and behaviors the writer deems as "very adult" in nature. There is smoking, adult language and romantic situations between consenting adults. There are also details of sex workers described in transactional and consenting situations.

Author's Note:

He Said / She Said is written from the characters point of view as a steady stream of consciousness from the two main Characters Vashti and Andrew. Sometimes their thoughts may seem disjointed and fragmented, as active thought can sometimes veer quickly from one topic to another.  While the story is not always linear the characters manage to find their way to an enriched storytelling.

I hope you enjoy an inside look at the thought process of husband and wife trying to make their relationship work in a post pandemic world.

Thank you

Thank you for choosing to read and engage with this story. The characters in this story are fictional characters who portray realistic experiences. This work is not intended to be intentionally offensive, but some may find this adult content to offend. We are human we are not perfect. With that said, All suggestions and respectful criticisms are welcome. I look forward to your feedback and look forward to supplying you with quality content.

**I also want to take a moment and thank my family for all of their support as I wrote this book.  Their commitment to the idea of my writing is immeasurable by any barometer of comparison. 

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