chapter 1

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Y/n pov
~present day~

I was standing in front of my parents house smiling as bunch of camera crew and interviewers swerved around me asking some questions "Y/n! What's it like to be the sister of the queen of Auradon?" A girl interviewer asked holding her mic out to me "It's really-" "How did you manage to unite both Seabrook and Auradon together?" A guy interviewer asked, interrupting my response

"Well actually it wasn't only me who-" "Have you ever spoken to William after your win against him?" A different girl interviewer asked "uh..." I said feeling a bit uncomfortable after hearing that question. Luckily Ben and Mal arrived at the scene, arms linked around one another as they made their way through paparazzi towards me

"Okay. Scuse us. uh, my sister doesn't need to comment on that" Mal said as she come by my side "Did you ever regret leaving your family behind after your escape from the isle and nearly risked the lives of others?" The first interviewer asked and Mal took my hand squeezing it while Ben gave an awkward laugh

"We're done here" He said but the paparazzi wouldn't give up and kept asking questions and taking photos of us, making me squeeze Mal's hand a bit more tighter. "Uhm...alright, alright. Uh as you all know this is not the royal quarter's, this is still private property so unless you have permission from either My family or Y/n to be here. you are all trespassing" Dad said as he and Mom coming out of the home hearing the commotion

The paparazzi tried to argue back but Dad threatened to have them all arrested which finally made them leave and I sighed a breath of relief "thanks Dad, thanks Mom" I said looking at my parents and they smiled at me "Your welcome sweetheart. Mal, Ben" Mom said greeting the royal couple "Mr and Mrs Wells" Mal and Ben greeted back

After I making sure I was okay, Mom and Dad headed to work to finish off some things while I turned to Mal and Ben "Thank you for coming. I would've honestly not known what to do if you hadn't shown up" I said "it's no problem n/n besides the paparazzi can be pretty hectic sometimes" Ben said "tell me about" I said

Oh hey there, I almost didn't realize you were here through all chaos, I'm Y/n and welcome back to Seabrook. So much has changed since the last time you heard from us. Wyatt and I have been officially married for 4 years now and it's been amazing. We have our own place in Seabrook not far from the Den and are loving comfortably since the crew and I graduated from Mountain College 2 years after our wedding

Speaking about the crew, everyone is living their best lives too. Now that Seabrook and Auradon came together as one so many Vks, Aks and creatures get along with one another. The crew and gang are all doing the careers they love in life and I decided to stay full-time as the Great Alpha at the Den with the help of the wolves so course

However ever since the battle of saving the other side, the people of Auradon have been quite curious about where and what I have been doing when I left the isle. Some days it's manageable but other days I just really want to be left alone, Mal and Ben tries their best to let the paparazzi die down a bit but I can't even visit my parents home without someone following me with a camera

"Thing's will go down eventually Y/n, you'll see" Mal said putting her hand on my shoulder in reassures as though she could read my mind "Guess that's the price that comes with being the sister of the queen of Auradon" I joked and Mal and Ben laughed a bit "True but the people are really interested in your story Y/n. Just ignore the unnecessary questions, you don't need to answer them" Ben said "I'll try" I said looking at the ground

"You still coming to Auradon right? we could really use your help" Mal asked changing the subject and I nodded, looking up at her "Yeah, I just want to make sure everything is okay around town first" I said "okay we'll meet you later then" Mal said as she and Ben walked off while I sighed trying to get over the questions from earlier

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