Woo Sang-hyuk Makes Athletics History Tickets to the DiaLeague Final

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3rd place in Zurich 4th place in the season securedFirst appearance in Korea in the final to reach 6th placeContested the U.S. title with #1 Barshim and others

'Smile Jumper' Woo Sang-hyuk (27, Yongin City Hall - pictured) has become the first South Korean athlete to reach the World Athletics Federation (WA) Diamond League Final.

Woo cleared 2.31 meters to finish third in the men's high jump at the Diamond League in Zurich, Switzerland, on Jan. 1. Adding six ranking points, Woo clinched fourth place in the season standings (20 points) and punched his ticket to the Final, which is only open to the top six in the men's high jump.

To qualify for this year's final, Woo needed to finish in the top five at this meet. Woo was in danger of repeating his nightmare from last year, when he missed out on a spot in the final by one point, finishing seventh in the seasonal rankings (16 points). Fortunately, he was in good form on the day.

Kim Do-gyun, 44, the Korean national team's vertical jump coach, said: "Woo Sang-hyuk had a good rhythm when he cleared 2.31 meters in the third phase of the competition. He ran with the most stable posture in recent years." "I think he has a chance to win (the final) if he continues to go over 2.30 meters."

The event was won by Mutaz Barshim (32-Qatar), the 'best jumper in the world'. He was the only one of the 10 competitors to clear 2.35 meters in the first round to secure the top spot. Barsim earned 29 ranking points and retained the top spot in the season standings. Barshim will be competing against Woo for gold at the Hangzhou Asian Games, which begin on Wednesday. "The challenge continues," said Woo. I will run hard until the Diamond League Finals and the Asian Games," he said.

The Diamond League, which is only open to the world's top athletes, holds 14 events a year (seven for men's high jump). Athletes earn ranking points based on their placings in each event before the final event, the Final, crowns the overall winner of each event. This year's Final will be held in Eugene, Oregon, USA, starting on the 17th. Eugene is where Woo won the silver medal at last year's World Championships.


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